How to Write Good Ad Copy

how to write good ad copyHow to Write Good Ad Copy For Classified Ads

One of the methods that I describe on my training site is posting on classified ad sites and this works very well, but you must also make sure that you know how to write good ad copy or be willing to learn. Ultimately, learning how to write good ad copy will make the difference between people skimming past your advertisements or being interested enough to click on the links that go to your capture pages.

There is a lot of reference information out there about how to write good ad copy and you may want to start by reading some of the blogs out there and see what others have to say. Make sure that you take note of anything that Dan Kennedy has written or commented on as this guy is one of the best!

How to Write Good Ad Copy With Your Goals in Mind

For me, there are many different types of ad copy that I may write, just sort of depends on the situation. For example, when I am posting on craigslist or some other classified site, I have a couple of goals in mind. First, I want people that are skimming through the headlines to stop when they come to my ad. Second, and really my main, solitary goal is that I want this person to click on my link for more information.

For this type of ad I want to grab attention of someone that is quickly looking through the ads by offering something different such as “Stay at home moms love this home based business” or “Work from Home Program Really Works, Really Fast” or “Fire Your Boss with This Simple Home Business.” I want to make sure that it has to do with the program or subject, but I also want to make sure that it covers a couple of things. I don’t want the person looking to think this is about a job, it’s not, it’s an opportunity.

How to Write Good Ad Copy by Not Revealing Information

The next thing you want to learn about how to write good ad copy is that you DO NOT want to provide much information, just the facts and not too many of them. Remember, you want people to click on the link, not read over your companies marvelous compensation program…who cares? You want people to hunger for more plus if you start writing a whole lot of hype many will be turned off. Once again, your goal is to get people to click on your capture page, let that do the “selling.”

I will usually repeat the headline in the body of the advertisement and then write simple facts like “No Experience Required” and “Free Training Available,” or “Training Available.” Then I’ll write something like, “For more information:” and post my link. All in all about 4 lines, no explaining, just simple statements.

The key is the headline. When learning how to write good ad copy you are primarily going to be concerned with the headline or the subject line in case you are writing an email. Keep it honest and keep it direct. People don’t want hype, just say what you have, but you are going to need to know your market. If you are targeting in on folks that are already in business then what is it about your product or service that can help them with their business.

Perhaps you know how to drive dozens of new, highly targeted visitors to a website. If so, that’s what you say, just say it with flare! “Secret Technique Generates Dozens of Qualified Leads For Anyone.”

Learning How to Write Good Ad Copy Take Practice

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to ad copy is that one article is not going to contain the “secret formula” that will have everyone clicking their way to your site. It takes time to develop the knack. Remember to set goals and objectives, understand what your audience wants and try and solve their problems whether it’s lack of money or lack of time. Tell people how you are going to solve their problem, that’s what they are looking for and that’s how to write good ad copy in the first place.

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