Calling a Thief a Thief: Plagiarism Sucks!

article thiefPlagiarism sucks, but when it happens to you it sucks even more, so today I’m going to go on one of my rants about calling people out for stealing your work. Sort of understand what these music and hollywood guys and gals are talking about, but until someone starts stealing your own work it doesn’t really hit home.

Look guys, I always talk a lot about taking someone’s work to use as inspiration. I also have advocated taking an article and totally re-writing it with your own vocabulary in your own style. It’s not really a great method to condone, but it can get a lot of people started in the article marketing world, so I would just rather see people use an article to get them going, even one of my own, than sit around and complain about how you can’t write very well.

I’ve even told folks they can take an article, even one of mine again, and post it on their blog or site AS LONG AS THE LINKS BACK TO MY SITE STAY IN TACT.

On the other hand…taking an article and being so freaking lazy you don’t even change a single word in it (with the exception of the author) and calling it your own is one of the laziest, pathetic and lowest things you can do and here’s why.

One of the things that you are trying to do here online is create trust between yourself and those that are thinking of and actually are following you, whether it’s on your blog, on a social site like facebook or twitter, a forum or anywhere else. Creating trust, establishing credibility come at a price…usually it’s called work, ethics and character.

Now I know that there are times when the well runs a little dry, I understand, but that doesn’t mean you start stealing things and this includes articles. You see as an online marketer, one that specializes in writing articles and blog posts, the articles and posts are the main “products” that I create online. There are other things as well, videos, pdf files and power point presentations, but 75% of my strategy comes from writing small articles and although I can crank out quite a bit of it, it doesn’t make it easy. Marketing online is work and the body of work that we create here is what gets us to the next level or to where we want to be (hopefully!).

Don’t steal. You’d think that you would know that after the ripe old age of five or so, but for some it seems to take a little bit longer. Plagiarism sucks, but it sucks more when it’s you that has been ripped off. I didn’t realize that until I went to a blog while I was conducting research. Found a really cool article on this forum, at least I thought it was, but realized why I thought so highly of it. The article I found on this site was mine. Hmm, cool.

Listen, just don’t do it. At the bottom of this blog, on every single page, is a copyright logo, you need to take heed of that because simply taking an article and posting it somewhere else is against the law here just like it would be in the “real” world.

If you need help, give me a call…that’s all you have to do. I will speak with most people, I’m a fairly easy guy to work with, but don’t steal my shit. It’s irritates the hell out of me and I start having my “Dexter” moments…and just who knows when I’ll snap!

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