Joining Programs That Actually Work

joining programs that actually workGot an email the other day from someone that was asking me about one of the programs I was marketing. They wanted to know if I was really making money with it and how things were going. In this age of hyped up sales pitches and photo shopped “PayPal” or “Clickbank” screen shots, this is a question I get a lot and I must admit, that I don’t blame them for the skepticism.

First Hand News

First of all, I don’t promote any products or programs that I have not purchased myself or am a member of. I may not actively promote certain programs or products, but I am a big stickler for having first hand knowledge of the programs and systems that I promote.

With that out of the way, does everything I get involved with make money? Yes, everything that I have ever become involved with has provided me with a profit or has become an important resource within my marketing toolbox.

You may be wondering how this can be, how can someone make a profit with anything that they get involved with? It’s quite simple really, it’s all about effective marketing AND I didn’t always make money with my programs either…that came later.

My Simple Strategy

You see, I came online with a simple strategy. I knew that I was not going to be the sharpest guy out there when it came to know how to market and promote a product or program online, but I would be willing to outwork just about anyone. I would spend the hours working on articles or watching videos to learn the next SEO tip. While I couldn’t control my lack of knowledge, that increases everyday too, I could control my persistence and levels of consistency.

Today, after many ups and downs I have come to a place where I can pretty much generate a pretty good income with these simple programs I promote. Much of the time I will promote a “base” program, but I will do it with a different marketing system. Why do this? It all has to do with Google and hitting that first page sweet spot.

You see, if you know anything about keyword research you realize that there are “money” key phrases out there that we can rank well for. I found one the other day and wrote a quick article about how to attract blog traffic. I was able to write a quick post about this by simply writing down the steps I use to get onto the first page of the Google search results. It hit the first page the first day I wrote it. It’s not there now, as of this writing it’s the first site on page two. Not bad for not yet promoting it or building any backlinks.

My point is this, when trying to drive traffic to this or any other blog, finding these “money” key phrases is imperative for most bloggers or marketers, especially if you haven’t been online that long. Why? Because we don’t yet have “seasoned” sites with hundreds of posts and thousands of indexed pages and high page ranks- which have a tremendous positive effect in terms of ranking well on Google.

So what do “money” keywords have to do with my money making programs? Not much other than providing the inspiration for joining these companies. You see, a lot of times before I join a money making program I will check the name of the program the same way I would do typical keyword research. If I feel like I can rank very well with the program name then I also feel like I can probably make a dollar or two with this program.

I’ll check for whatever the program name is plus the words “review” and “scam.” If one of these phrases is also something I think I can rank for, then I’m in. The next step is making sure that the program is on the legal “up and up” and then it’s just a matter of signing up and getting to work.

Once I sign with a program, I will usually find the benefits of membership with this program, whether it be the good training, the compensation plan or possibly a well converting capture page. As with all of the money making opportunities I join one of my primary criterion for joining must also have a list building element to it. I want to continue to build my list whilst I get paid to do so.

This certainly may not be the same method that most people use to decide whether or not they want to join a program, but it’s a strategy that has served me well. Of course in the end, actually making money with any of these programs has to do with how well you can market the program and convert the targeted traffic that stops by into members, but that’s for another article.

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