Does Social Media Work?

does social media workWe are all told we need to have a facebook account or we need to be twitter friendly, we just have to develop a YouTube channel, but in reality does social media work in terms of being a necessity for the modern day marketer? I think it does and here are a few reasons why.

Does Social Media Work For Traffic Generation

When asking the question does social media work we are asking if this method works for driving targeted visitors to our websites or money making programs or blogs, whatever it may be. We may simply want to provide information surrounding an idea and this becomes a very effective way to do that. I mean let’s get real here, how would you manage five thousand “friends” on an intimate level in the first place? You may be able to set up systems to be able to effectively communicate and share ideas, but socialize…I don’t really think so.

With that said, does social media work in terms of developing relationships and, once again, I think that it does. We are able to establish pages with our videos, we are able to provide “snippets” of our thoughts as we move through the day. Utilizing these social sites and channels we are able to share ourselves with others and these folks are able to connect with us, to relate to what we are saying.

Does Social Media Work For Disbursing Information Effectively

I can post a “status” message saying something about how to drive traffic to a blog or a website and put a link to one of my blog posts or articles. There may be someone out there that connects with this information because it may be something they have been searching for, something they need. If you write an informative and accurate post about traffic generation and this individual is able to profit as a result of implementing the information you have provided then you may have a long-term subscriber, reader and even promoter of your blog.

This is a simple example, but it illustrates one way in which social media can help. Does social media work? Of course it does. We are always talking about building a list, the money is in the list, so on and so forth, but most people new to the internet do not have a list, so how can they market effectively?

does social media workDoes Social Media Work For The Novice Marketer

The answer obviously lies in learning how to exploit social media and other sites in order to access lists that already exist. There are hundreds of millions of people on facebook with their profiles that provide you with a lot of information. Many people fill out a profile and tell you exactly what it is that they are looking for, what they are involved with and maybe even what they wish to learn more about. There are groups with titles like Internet Marketing, Make Money Online or Succeed in MLM. Most of these groups collect members that are looking for information to help them succeed within these and other markets.

By joining groups on facebook and posting to these groups you set yourself out to be a leader, to be an expert in the field. You want to create the perspective at the very least that you are someone that many of these folks can come to for the answers. Sure, you may still be learning, but you can do research, you can write and you can set up a blog post to send people to.

Within groups on facebook you can post links to programs that you are working, products or services that may help some of these folks with their own marketing efforts. In the end, you can drive thousands of people to your site simply by posting information – unique, original and useful information – within these groups.

This article is not going to be a definitive answer to or explanation to how utilize social media. Rather this article simply answers a question that many ask, “Does social media work?” There are many different ways to exploit social media for our own purposes whether they are commercially driven or for more philanthropic endeavors and this post is simply a call to you to start looking for additional resources and specifics on how to utilize and implement the techniques and strategies that social media marketers use. If  I were to list everything out there available to you I could probably write a book, a large book, but as fast as the internet moves I would have to revise the finished product almost every time I completed it.

Does Social Media Work? Yes

Ultimately, finding the information that you need to harness the leverage and compounding effects of the internet will lead you to the social networks and the strategies and methods marketers employ to make use of these systems for your own purposes. The only thing I can really say is get out there, sign up and start posting, don’t sit around asking does social media work because it does, you’ve probably arrived here as a result of, in one way or another, social media marketing.

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