Have You Made a Decision or a Commitment?

commmitmentA Story of 3 Frogs on a Log

A lot of people know this one, but here is goes anyway:

3 Frogs were sitting on a log in a pond. One frog decided to jump off. How many Frogs are still sitting on the log?

All of them. One simply decided to jump into the water, it never actually took the necessary action to do so.

Talk is Cheap

I speak with folks all of the time that tell me that they have decided to really do this or that and while their voices sound sincere and full of determination they don’t realize for a second that I very seldom rely on what is said, more often than not I will watch their actions to figure out if they are committed or not.

A lot of people don’t know this, some of you do, but I market a network marketing opportunity. What? Haven’t been hit over the head with one of my strategic, hard sell marketing lines??? Ah, no you haven’t. As a matter of fact, chances are that you don’t have a clue as to which network marketing company I’m involved with at all. The reason? I haven’t invited you.

Successful People Take Action

While this may sound a bit pompous and even snobbish, I don’t tell everyone about my network marketing opportunity because I am not looking for folks that tell me how much that they want to make money, I don’t want “everyone” in my business rather, I look for people that send me emails and give me phone calls about my other “lead in” opportunities. I look for those that take the initiative and actions that show me that they are committed to really getting the information they need to become successful.

Sometimes I will not answer my phones and just see who calls back. Seem a bit ridiculous? It may be, but I can tell you this. When I do offer up my opportunity to folks, I KNOW without a doubt that they will give their all. Not everyone signs up, no problem, but those that do will not make a simple decision to get involved with my company, but they will commit to building their business as well – and they do.

Are You Going After Your Dreams or Is Your Show On?

So what type of person are you? Have you made a decision to succeed or have you made a commitment to your success? There is a huge difference and not only how you look at things or are perceived by me, but a difference in your behavior. A little tip for you here, making a commitment means that you get off of the TV and free up your schedule from any other activities that are “time wasters” and use that time to free yourself from the chains of economic slavery.

So, have you made your decision today or have you made a commitment to your success?

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Free Site Provides MLM Success Training

After being involved with many different programs on the Internet over the years, one thing above all has occurred to me when it comes to others being able to follow in your footsteps in terms of achieving their goals with a network marketing company and that is mlm success training.

mlm success training

What is MLM Success Training?

So what is mlm success training exactly? Well, in my opinion, you are talking about a complete network marketing system which would include teaching marketing skills to those new to the industry as well as a lead generation system to boot! A site incorporating this type of mlm success training along with the traffic and leads that it would provide could be the answer for many that are currently struggling with network marketing or those that have in the past.

I remember the frustration I felt when it came to attempting to build a network marketing business, especially when I was utilizing the archaic methods that were taught by those trying to “help” and “counsel” me. Thanks, but no thanks! I don’t know what the attraction is to harassing your relatives, friends and basically anyone that comes within a five foot radius of you. That’s not good marketing and it is a far cry from “attraction” or “magnetic” marketing. I remember swearing to myself and anyone that would listen that I was done with network marketing, that I would never again be the victim of that mlm scam. Yet…I knew that this business model would work with the right mlm success training.

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