What is Your Definite Purpose?

Definite PurposeA Definite Purpose: The Foundation of Your Success

What is your Definite Purpose? Most people know that I am a big fan of the book Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. This book is a road map for success and has been utilized by many successful people whether it was success in business, success with relationships or some other vital part of your life.

It All Starts with a Definite Purpose

One of the ideas, the founding idea, of the book has to do with having desire and a “Definiteness of Purpose,” knowing where it is that you want to go and knowing what you were put on this earth to do. Without this definiteness of purpose or definite purpose you are, more or less, floating around aimlessly. You may find success here and there, but for the most part you don’t have an overall goal to arrive at or to even head towards in the first place.

Find Your Definite Purpose

What is it that you want? If you don’t know where you are going, who will? You must first establish what it is you want out of life; write it down, don’t write goals out right now, write down what it is that you want. Is it money? A new home? Do you want to travel? It’s not my dream, it’s your dream, it’s what you desire.

Once you establish what you definite purpose is and you start the process of working towards your definite purpose you will be amazed by how fast the universe will make sure that you not only get on the right path to achieve your destiny, but to make sure it happens in a timely manner. Understand that most obstacles that you face in this life aren’t a result of someone else or circumstance or anything else of that nature. It isn’t the external forces that you must battle it is the internal battle that you must quieten, the battle within yourself, within your own mindset that you must control.

Realizing Your Definite Purpose

There is a way to achieve these goals that you want, there is a way to achieve all that you desire (once you figure that out, of course). Once again, Mr. Hill to the rescue! According to Napoleon Hill, and many, many others, you need to practice the fine art of “auto-suggestion.” What in the world is “auto-suggestion” you might ask? I’ll give you an example to follow.

Once you figured out what you want, what your definite purpose or desire is, write it down. Write it down the way you would a goal, maybe on an index card that you can carry with you. Put a date of “completion” on it. The read that card one hundred times in the morning and at night before you go to sleep. As you recite that passage in your mind picture it. What will it look like, what will your lifestyle be like? Your imagination is where all of the magic is going to happen.

Do What Others Won’t Do, Follow Your Definite Purpose

Think this is stupid? That’s fine, you go on about your life and just laugh at the rest of us, bdefinite purposeut remember that those that want something different or unique out of life are going to do different and unique things. We are going to follow the advice of those that have walked before us, those that have succeeded and follow their advice and example.

Have you figured it out yet? Have you figured out what your desire is? Life is a choice and even when you walk away from making the decision the irony is that you made it by default. Do not live a lifetime of defaults, make a commitment to your life, to your lifestyle and to your definite purpose.




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