The Mindset to Succeed

mindset to succeedA Mindset To Succeed: What it Takes

Do you have a mindset to succeed? It’s probably a question you really need to ask yourself before you commit to building a business, the problem for most folks is that they don’t know what type of mindset is required to build a business because most people have an employee mentality. I don’t want to sound like an ass here because my motivation really is to help those that want to succeed find that success, but I have to be honest as well.

So for everyone that is coming to the table here with the idea that people that own businesses are “lucky” or they make a “lot” of money or whatever is usually a perspective that isn’t right. I’ve had several businesses in my adult career and I can tell you that the one thing that was consistent with ALL of them had nothing to do with how much money I made, what was consistent was how much time and effort I had to put forth to get these businesses off of the ground.

Mindset to Succeed: The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get

You see, what most people don’t see is all of the hard work and effort that goes into creating your business, they don’t see how many hours that you put in, how much money you invest and re-invest. If you do it right, or close to right, your employees, if you have any, will not have the tiniest clue that you had to struggle to ensure that they were paid for the week.

When you come online hoping to build a business via the Internet you need to know what is in store for you and while all paths are different, there are many variables that are similar.

A Mindset to Succeed Trumps Challenges Ahead

Building a business online may be a struggle. Even though you are bound to hear how easy everything is, understand that statements like that this aren’t accurate and are often times misleading. I’m not quite sure why, some would prefer the road of hype, but I would just rather tell people the truth and the truth is that building a business online or offline is not for the faint of heart. Developing your home business on the internet will often times be very trying and this is exactly why you must develop the proper mindset to succeed.

So what is the proper mindset? Well, the above paragraphs obviously are an effort to give you the proper perspective, but there is more to it than just perspective. Probably the most important elements are:

  • Desire
  • Action
  • Imagination
  • Faith
  • Perseverance

Desire: You must know what you want. This is more than a goal, this is a “why” that comes from deep inside, deep within your soul. Times will be tough and you will have to have a real reason as to why you are doing this that will give you strength during momentary times of challenge.

Action: Better put some action behind what it is you want or you will never have it. Develop a plan of consistent effort.

Imagination: As you learn different marketing techniques and further develop the skills of a seasoned internet marketing professional you will get to a point where you will need to think outside of the box. Be bold with your ideas and transform them into new techniques.

Faith: Real faith, not just something you read about in a book, is more than believing in something. Faith is all about taking those steps into the unknown based on your belief in yourself and your plan. You may have to dig deep on the path to success, but you can do it and if you choose success, you will do it.

Perseverance: Don’t ever, ever, ever, quit. I believe I have said a couple of times now that times may get tough and you can bet that they will, but you have the ability to overcome those tough times as well. So many times people will stop just short of reaching their goals, when taking a few more steps would give them the lifestyle that they longed for. No matter what don’t quit, you may have to adjust your plan, but don’t give up on your “why.”

The Mindset to Succeed Process

Developing the mindset to succeed is a process, a perspective. Figure out what it is that you want, if you are willing to go get it, develop a plan, put forth the effort and work until you get there. That’s the mindset to succeed that will take you where you want to go.

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Who is the CEO of Your Life?

ceo of your lifeDo you ever wonder who is really running your life? Do you find that you even ask the question of yourself to be a little disconcerting? Who is the CEO of your life?

This is not a philosophical discussion about life, but rather a simple question that you should probably take the time to answer because if you even have to think about how to answer that particular question, you may have some issues that you want to deal with.

Have you ever thought about what it would truly be like to be free? I mean absolutely, no one telling you what to do ever free. Most people don’t take the time to do it or if they do it is within the fleeting moments of a lunch hour that is already way too short.

Can you imagine how your life would be different if you won one of the power ball games across the country? How would live your life without having to worry about money, or having enough time to do all of those things you currently have no time for? What would you change?

I watched a documentary earlier this evening about a young man Jesse Martin I believe his name is, from Australia. You see, when Jesse was 17 years old, he left his home and sailed around the world, being the youngest person to ever achieve such an arduous task. In his documentary, Jesse said something that I just thought was incredible.

You see Jesse had just come through a terrible storm where he thought there was a very good chance that he might die, so he actually took some time to think about this. Anyway, after reflecting on his near death escapade  he said something along the lines of his death wouldn’t have been a tragedy, that it would be more tragic to live to 80 without having ever done anything. Wow, at 18 years old (he had his birthday during the trip), this young man “got it.”

I’ll ask you again, who is running your life, who is the CEO of your life? Are you living a lifestyle of adventure, a lifestyle that others only imagine or are you on a path which leads to being yet another tragedy at 80?

CEO of your lifeTake life by the horns and give it all you have. I saw a quote the other day that sums all of this up. It was from the late entertainer Mae West and while I probably had my difference of opinion about many things (I love to play the “devil’s advocate” in an argument), I couldn’t have agreed more with this sentiment. Ms. West stated, “You only live once, but once is enough if you do it right.”

Now get out there and “…do it right.”

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What is Your Definite Purpose?

Definite PurposeA Definite Purpose: The Foundation of Your Success

What is your Definite Purpose? Most people know that I am a big fan of the book Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. This book is a road map for success and has been utilized by many successful people whether it was success in business, success with relationships or some other vital part of your life.

It All Starts with a Definite Purpose

One of the ideas, the founding idea, of the book has to do with having desire and a “Definiteness of Purpose,” knowing where it is that you want to go and knowing what you were put on this earth to do. Without this definiteness of purpose or definite purpose you are, more or less, floating around aimlessly. You may find success here and there, but for the most part you don’t have an overall goal to arrive at or to even head towards in the first place.

Find Your Definite Purpose

What is it that you want? If you don’t know where you are going, who will? You must first establish what it is you want out of life; write it down, don’t write goals out right now, write down what it is that you want. Is it money? A new home? Do you want to travel? It’s not my dream, it’s your dream, it’s what you desire.

Once you establish what you definite purpose is and you start the process of working towards your definite purpose you will be amazed by how fast the universe will make sure that you not only get on the right path to achieve your destiny, but to make sure it happens in a timely manner. Understand that most obstacles that you face in this life aren’t a result of someone else or circumstance or anything else of that nature. It isn’t the external forces that you must battle it is the internal battle that you must quieten, the battle within yourself, within your own mindset that you must control.

Realizing Your Definite Purpose

There is a way to achieve these goals that you want, there is a way to achieve all that you desire (once you figure that out, of course). Once again, Mr. Hill to the rescue! According to Napoleon Hill, and many, many others, you need to practice the fine art of “auto-suggestion.” What in the world is “auto-suggestion” you might ask? I’ll give you an example to follow.

Once you figured out what you want, what your definite purpose or desire is, write it down. Write it down the way you would a goal, maybe on an index card that you can carry with you. Put a date of “completion” on it. The read that card one hundred times in the morning and at night before you go to sleep. As you recite that passage in your mind picture it. What will it look like, what will your lifestyle be like? Your imagination is where all of the magic is going to happen.

Do What Others Won’t Do, Follow Your Definite Purpose

Think this is stupid? That’s fine, you go on about your life and just laugh at the rest of us, bdefinite purposeut remember that those that want something different or unique out of life are going to do different and unique things. We are going to follow the advice of those that have walked before us, those that have succeeded and follow their advice and example.

Have you figured it out yet? Have you figured out what your desire is? Life is a choice and even when you walk away from making the decision the irony is that you made it by default. Do not live a lifetime of defaults, make a commitment to your life, to your lifestyle and to your definite purpose.




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Answering the Questions of an Internet Marketing Newbie

internet marketing newbiesA lot of times when I am teaching new students or promoting a new product I will have one or two that will give me a call and ask me simple questions about marketing and I’m pretty happy to help them out if I can. Of course, I don’t know everything, but I’m always willing to share what I’ve learned over the years.

I also get receive questions such as:

How long will it take to make money with this program?

Can I really generate traffic to my site with classified ads?

Do I have to start a blog?

Do I have to own my own website?

What’s the fastest way to start making money with [insert any program here]?

What I always have to remind folks is that internet marketing is a process. It’s a process of learning and it’s a matter of developing a consistent process in terms of the actions you take to market yourself and your products or services.

But, I’ve decided to answer some of these questions as I’m betting that I’m not the only person that gets them and sometimes it is just nice to get a different, although not necessarily better, perspective!

How long will it take to make money with this program?

To be completely and absolutely honest with you, there is not really any way that I can answer this question. It depends.

I know people that can sign up for a program in the morning and be receiving money in one form or another by the evening. It all comes down to how well you can market. Ironically, people that KNOW how to market online do not answer this question…they already know whether or not they can make money with the program and generally know about how long things will take.

The better you can learn to market and the more effective you become will radically change how long it will take to make money with any program.

Can I really generate traffic to my site with classified ads?

I never understand why people ask if it is really possible to promote their sites with a method that I recommend and teach. I just want to say, “No, I’ve been lying this whole time because I just want to watch you squirm.”

You absolutely can generate traffic to your site with classified advertising if you:

  1. know where to post ads
  2. know a little about ad copy
  3. post consistently

We have all heard of and it gets a lot of traffic, but posting in there a few times a week and doing nothing else is not going to get you anywhere. I always teach post 3 times a day everyday, post in different cities and post links that promote curiosity in what you have to offer.

Do not try and explain the entire program you are marketing. Focus on the market you are trying to attract. For example, if I want to attract stay at home moms, then I will write a headline like:

Simple Program Allows Moms to Work From Home

Just about any stay at home mom will at least look at this ad. You would just ad in something like “No experience required, free training included,” and you would then provide information to a website or capture page. You want people to start seeking your program or system. Let the system sale the opportunity. I don’t like to sell and chances are the people answer this ad don’t want to sale either and they especially don’t want to be sold! Remember, it’s called attraction marketing.

Do I have to start a blog? or Do I have to have my own website?

I would love to tell people, “Yes, you need a blog. Your competitor has a blog or a website, your consumers want to go to a blog or website. Of course you need a blog.”

The truth is, “Not necessarily.” I highly recommend a blog, not a standard or typical website platform, but a blog. Many reasons for this, but blogs are very Google and other search engine friendly. Blogs can rank well and rank fast. Today blogs are very customizable, especially WordPress blogs with all of the different plugins you can add.

You want to start branding yourself as an online marketing professional and a blog is one of the best ways to start doing this. Basically, you want to ask yourself are you going to do this with long-term goals in mind or are you just wanting to make a hundred bucks and move on down the road. The choice is yours.

internet marketing newbieOne thing that you have to get right in the head about straight away is that marketing online is a process. There is a steep learning curve that we all must get through and the education never stops! As the internet changes, as the algorithms of the search engines change we must adapt and we must learn the new rules, but if you are willing to learn and if you are willing to put forth the consistent effort to build something grand, you will find online success.

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