join znz oneYes, You Should Join ZNZ

Why do I think you should join znz one? If you’ve been on this site for any amount of time you realize that one of the main programs that I promote is the zip nada zilch programs znz one and znz big cash. In my humble marketing opinion these are some pretty simple referral programs to market and make money with.

With that said, there are some reasons that I have for telling people to join znz one and even znz big cash. Reasons such as:

  • Ease of Marketing with Free Marketing system
  • Low cost or no-cost to join
  • No annual fees
  • Lifetime qualifications
  • Large markets to promote to
  • simple, simple and simple

Ease of Marketing

So much of the time people that really want to make money online are somewhat lost as to what the next step is. I mean, they’ve found a system that they like and have decided to promote it, but that’s usually where the problems begin.

One of the attractive features of the znz one program and one of the reasons why I tell folks they should join znz one as an initial program to work online is due to the simple ways in which you can market. Along with the online payday system marketing system, which is free by the way, a novice marketer can start seeing some results in a relatively short period of time…often just after a few classified ads have been posted online.

Right now the znz one and big cash programs are fairly popular and that is one of the reasons to join znz one now rather than later. When a system has picked up momentum the way that this one has, you don’t want to miss your window of opportunity.

join znz one


Low or No-Cost To Join

Never have I seen a company or a program where the cost is as low as this one is. The program itself, the tracking that goes on, the replicable website that you will have access to is free. There is never an admin fee, there are no charges to join znz one or big cash or any of the other zip nada zilch programs.

All that is required to join znz one and become qualified to earn $20 commissions when others join znz one is that you must sign up for a trial offer. Many times this can be done for free, other times there may be a charge associated with the particular business or program. If you choose not to keep the program, service or product, simply cancel your account with these folks before your trial offer is completed and you will still be qualified to promote the program and earn commissions.

While some marketers may suggest that by signing up with an offer on znz one that is free and then cancelling the offer before you begin to be charged on a monthly basis that you are essentially joining a program for free. This is possible, but not 100% accurate so I really don’t like to market this way. Some of the offers may actually cost a little bit of money to sign up with, but I feel that the costs are negligible and if you aren’t interested in spending ten or twenty bucks on your own future then you probably aren’t going to be a legitimate player anyway.

No Annual Fees

This program, all of the ZNZ programs, have no fees what so ever to pay. There is not annual “registration” fee, there are no fees for the website and even the marketing system that we use is free to sign up with. Basically, the whole business that you are joining is free to join and the tools to market it are free as well. Hmm, looking better all of the time!

join znz one

Lifetime Qualifications

Once you sign up for your trial offers and you earn the required 1.00 credit for ZNZ One then you are qualified to refer others forever. There is a lifetime qualification with both ZNZ One and Big Cash. This is a big deal.

Think about it, if you in fact had to pay out $200, but you were still marketing this plan 5 years from now and generating an income with it, you are going to tell me that the two hundred dollars was just way too much??? I don’t think so. Lifetime qualification means lifetime qualification and hopefully that is a long time for most folks.

Promote it to Large Markets That Are Searching For It

This may be the number one reason why I would join znz one today and that is that there are numerous groups of people looking to join znz one or some other program that has the ability to help them by providing a substantial income opportunity to help supplement income that has been lost during the latest economic meltdown or even to completely replace salaries of burned out employees that want something better.

These groups of people are huge and they are increasing in size every day and finding success with znz is all about learning how to expose these markets and provide solutions to their problems with the zip nada zilch programs.

join znz one


Discover Your Reason(s)

As you can see there are numerous reasons to sign up with the online payday system and the znz one and big cash programs today, you just have to find your own reason. I would tell you to join znz one today since every day you wait is another you could be making some money. If you join znz one and znz big cash you will have the potential to earn $98 dollars per referral. Many days I can do this on “auto-pilot,” which is yet another reason to join znz one and big cash!


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easy paypal incomeI don’t like the term easy, but as an experienced marketer I can tell you that the easy PayPal income I have received in the last few weeks has been a welcome change from the daily grind, but what exactly am I talking about when I say easy PayPal income?

Easy PayPal Income, Oh Really?

First, like I said at the very beginning of this post, I don’t like the term “easy” especially when I am promoting a program or a service or anything online to be quite honest. I realize that easy is a relative term and being a former plumber in the construction industry I can tell you that this online stuff isn’t really that hard, however easy? Not sure I’m all the way in love with that phrase.

Easy PayPal Income With The ZNZ Programs

Yet, I digress. Is there really a such thing as easy PayPal income? I believe there is, but I would rather someone refer to it as simple or uncomplicated. I am referring to the zip nada zilch programs ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash systems which are referral marketing programs at their very finest.

These programs, in my opinion, can be rather simple to market and relatively simple to generate some cash with. I have been marketing these programs and I can tell you that it is definitely easy PayPal income for me.

Referral Programs That Can Generate Easy PayPal Income

So what is znz one and znz big cash? These are programs that allow you to refer others to in order for them to try products or services on a trial basis. You are basically referring customers to companies to try their trial offers and when you do so for znz one you can earn $20. When you refer a customer to znz big cash, you will earn between $60 and $80 dollars per referral. This can quickly add up depending on how well you can effectively market your programs.

Part of the easy PayPal income system that generates this kind of an income is due to the uncomplicated znz systems themselves and the online payday system free marketing system that folks have access to. This system is complete with a capture page, thank you page with an instructional video as well as details on setting up your own free OPDS marketing system.

The combination of these uncomplicated referral programs along with the free marketing system, that converts fairly well by the way, allow novice marketers the ability to generate income in a relatively short period of time.

easy paypal income

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Promoting ZNZ For Easy PayPal Income

There are many different ways to market these znz programs, but this is predominantly done by promoting the marketing system versus the referral links provided by the company. You may promote your OPDS capture page within classified ads such as craigslist, backpage and many others as well as posting links within facebook groups, within articles submitted to directories, in forums and blogs and by creating press releases as well.

While I’m not going to sit here and hype up or promote an “easy” money making programs, I am going to say that as far as an entry level type of program is concerned, the znz programs coupled with the online payday system do fit the bill. If there is a such thing as easy PayPal income, then this system may be it.

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Joining Programs That Actually Work

joining programs that actually workGot an email the other day from someone that was asking me about one of the programs I was marketing. They wanted to know if I was really making money with it and how things were going. In this age of hyped up sales pitches and photo shopped “PayPal” or “Clickbank” screen shots, this is a question I get a lot and I must admit, that I don’t blame them for the skepticism.

First Hand News

First of all, I don’t promote any products or programs that I have not purchased myself or am a member of. I may not actively promote certain programs or products, but I am a big stickler for having first hand knowledge of the programs and systems that I promote.

With that out of the way, does everything I get involved with make money? Yes, everything that I have ever become involved with has provided me with a profit or has become an important resource within my marketing toolbox.

You may be wondering how this can be, how can someone make a profit with anything that they get involved with? It’s quite simple really, it’s all about effective marketing AND I didn’t always make money with my programs either…that came later.

My Simple Strategy

You see, I came online with a simple strategy. I knew that I was not going to be the sharpest guy out there when it came to know how to market and promote a product or program online, but I would be willing to outwork just about anyone. I would spend the hours working on articles or watching videos to learn the next SEO tip. While I couldn’t control my lack of knowledge, that increases everyday too, I could control my persistence and levels of consistency.

Today, after many ups and downs I have come to a place where I can pretty much generate a pretty good income with these simple programs I promote. Much of the time I will promote a “base” program, but I will do it with a different marketing system. Why do this? It all has to do with Google and hitting that first page sweet spot.

You see, if you know anything about keyword research you realize that there are “money” key phrases out there that we can rank well for. I found one the other day and wrote a quick article about how to attract blog traffic. I was able to write a quick post about this by simply writing down the steps I use to get onto the first page of the Google search results. It hit the first page the first day I wrote it. It’s not there now, as of this writing it’s the first site on page two. Not bad for not yet promoting it or building any backlinks.

My point is this, when trying to drive traffic to this or any other blog, finding these “money” key phrases is imperative for most bloggers or marketers, especially if you haven’t been online that long. Why? Because we don’t yet have “seasoned” sites with hundreds of posts and thousands of indexed pages and high page ranks- which have a tremendous positive effect in terms of ranking well on Google.

So what do “money” keywords have to do with my money making programs? Not much other than providing the inspiration for joining these companies. You see, a lot of times before I join a money making program I will check the name of the program the same way I would do typical keyword research. If I feel like I can rank very well with the program name then I also feel like I can probably make a dollar or two with this program.

I’ll check for whatever the program name is plus the words “review” and “scam.” If one of these phrases is also something I think I can rank for, then I’m in. The next step is making sure that the program is on the legal “up and up” and then it’s just a matter of signing up and getting to work.

Once I sign with a program, I will usually find the benefits of membership with this program, whether it be the good training, the compensation plan or possibly a well converting capture page. As with all of the money making opportunities I join one of my primary criterion for joining must also have a list building element to it. I want to continue to build my list whilst I get paid to do so.

This certainly may not be the same method that most people use to decide whether or not they want to join a program, but it’s a strategy that has served me well. Of course in the end, actually making money with any of these programs has to do with how well you can market the program and convert the targeted traffic that stops by into members, but that’s for another article.

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Network Marketing System For MLM Success

What is a Network Marketing System

So what is a network marketing system? Basically, a network marketing system is an organized system put in place to help you do a few things within the mlm industry and your own program. Most often you will find systems that many marketers are already using for their programs and you may have even filled out an opt-in form and one through the system.

network marketing system

Why You Need a Network Marketing System For Your Program

Today there are several people marketing their programs online and a good network marketing system in place can give you a slight edge in terms of giving your program a leg up when it comes to effectively marketing your opportunity online.

Read the rest of this entry

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