Find Your Passion!

find your passionMy wife and I were watching some biography types of programs on Oprah’s OWN channel this weekend and I heard great line, well I heard quite a few good lines, from George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars saga. When asked how he knew what his passion was he stated, “When you sit down to do something at seven o’clock in the morning, you get hungry and you get something to eat and you realize it’s seven o’clock at night. That’s your passion.”

I don’t think it can get any better than that or more accurate. Learning to make money online or build a business on the Internet is not for everyone. It might not make sense that someone trying to promote a money making program like ZNZ One or the 5 Dollar Money Bomb may say something like this. I personally love the idea of having a business that I can work from anywhere in the world and it’s the driving force behind what get me out of bed…eventually gets me out of bed!

With that said, I can sit down in front of the computer, start writing an article or start doing my keyword research and start creating content for my blog and not even think about getting tired, or think of this as work. Look, I was a plumber for years and while I was grateful to have a career in a trade where there was always something to do, I got to the point where I just didn’t want to get out of bed and go to work. I would stay awake at night because I didn’t want to hit the bed, go to sleep and just have to get up again and do it all over!

For me, working on the computer is one of the most satisfying activities that I have ever done. I enjoy writing, I enjoy making videos and I enjoy research. Basically, I like everything involved in building a blog up and marketing it or a program that I am trying out. This IS my passion!

If you aren’t having fun folks, stop…stop right now and figure out what it is that you are doing this for. If this is work to you, ask yourself if this is what you want to be doing for the next few years. Would you do this without making any money from it? I love it, I probably would, but would you?

Finding out what it is that you love, what it is that you have passion for is one of those processes that can take a lifetime to find or can be something you know when you’re five. Whatever it is, whether you are eight or eighty, find your passion, find what it is you love. Remember what Confucius said, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Words to live by, now get out there and find your passion.

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Welcome to Make Money Online Anywhere

This site is dedicated to those that want to make money online anywhere in the world that they want to be as long as they have a laptop and access to the Internet.

Make Money Online Anywhere With Network Marketing

While I concentrate on network marketing and mlm subjects, this information will relate to just about any program that is marketed on the Internet. Learning to make money online anywhere with a network marketing program is not difficult either, but you must have the proper training, the proper program (there is criteria that you will learn to find a good program) and the systems in place so that making money online anywhere is not a struggle.

In terms of how long does success take depends on the system that is applied to the program and you. As far as a system is concerned, you want something that is generic as well as ensuring that the system is one that a new person can duplicate.

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A System To Make Money Online Anywhere

When I first got online the make money online anywhere bug bit hard! I was floored by the “speed” of the information that I had access to and the platform for so many different things be it education or business. I remember thinking very early on that the Internet would allow me to make money online anywhere in the world I wanted to and I remember that this idea this make money online anywhere idea was the one thing that I was not going to be able to get out of my head – and I still haven’t!

make money online anywhere

 Why We Want To Make Money Online Anywhere

If you think that indentured servitude is over, think again. Many people are economic slaves and if you don’t think that you are, ask yourself this question: Can you not go to work tomorrow and just go have fun with the family? Can you do that for a week or a month or a year and still live the lifestyle you have become accustomed to?

I’m not here to make light of the issue of slavery, quite the opposite, I am here to tell you that most people don’t realize that slavery is very much alive today as it ever was.

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