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Become an Online Success in 90 Days!

What’s the Deal With 90 Days?

I don’t know what the deal is, but it seems like almost anything can be cured or fixed or built in 90 days. Take the P90X exercise program. The results that are touted are after working out with this particular system for 90 days and to be honest, for most people, 90 days is probably enough and more importantly it does work, you can see the results.

Write a New Post for 90 Days

So what about making money online? What 90 day program do we talk about here? I say it all of the time to my own prospects and students. My mantra is, start a blog and write every single day for 90 days. Promote your blog posts with articles, do this for 90 days and see what happens and just so you know, this isn’t a new or original idea on my part either.

I’ve been following David Wood, co-founder of the empower network, for a while now. I went through the boot camp that he developed when he was working his MLSP (My Lead System Pro) program and what I learned was how much you could change, how the foundation of your success could be determined in a 90 day period, but why is this so? Well, David doesn’t really say it, nor does anyone else, but I do have my own personal theory.

90% Don’t Make 90 Days

First, most people, and I mean around 90% to 95% of the folks out there that are interested in starting a business online, will not create a new blog post every day for 90 days, so for those of us that will do that it means that our competition is not as tough as what we may initially presume.

Now admittedly I can’t prove any of this and it is conjecture on my part, but when you start looking at different key phrases and keywords surrounding specific topics like network marketing or making money online, the few people that have a blog or a site with 90+ days  of work on them appear at the top of the search engine results page.

Another thing to consider is how often I am called by folks that have been utilizing a particular form of marketing for a couple weeks that call to tell me what they are doing isn’t really working. I know that you can have your ups and downs with this business, believe me, I had many, many downs before I started getting some “ups” to go along with them. The deal is don’t stop, don’t quit. It doesn’t matter how you are marketing your program just as long as you are marketing.

A Magic Formula?

I don’t know exactly what the magic formula is about the 90 day routine, but there definitely seems to be something to go with this. Perhaps it is about the time that the compounding effects of your consistent effort start to take over. I mean after 90 days you have quite a few articles out there with quite a few links to your site and if you have done your research right you should have 90 different key phrases that you are going to be ranking fairly well for.

My 90 Day Formula for Blogging Success

With all of that said, I must confess that I think that a person serious about making a go with their money making program needs to start a blog. I’ve even devised a little formula that anyone can use to see positive results in, you guessed it, 90 days. The formula goes like this:

Day 1 – Get your domain name and set up your blog

Day 2 – Do the keyword and key phrase research and find as many different phrases as you possibly can to write about. Look at other blogs within your topic and try to gain some ideas here as well.

Day 3 – 90 Write (this is where the problems usually arise)

If you do nothing else but write for those 90 days, write article after article after article, sooner or later you are going to get noticed by the search engines…usually around day 40 or 50 by the way.

secret of 90 days

Don’t Stop Till You Hit 90 and Then Don’t Quit

The key is to never stop. I don’t know why 90 days is a magical number, but it seems to be magical in the sense that you, or anyone, will see significant results within that time frame, but you must be consistent with your efforts whether it be marketing online or sculpting a winning body.


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