The Online Marketing Secrets That Work

online marketing secrets

I find it interesting that there are so many folks out there with the perception that if they just understood certain online marketing secrets they could make some money, that if just one guru would actually reveal his or her methodology that you could crack the “secret code” out there and the money would just roll in. Of course, this is simply a perception and not a reality.

Online Marketing Secrets: The Reality

The truth is a little different. For one, most gurus and heavy hitters actually do reveal their online marketing secrets. What? Yep, most people do reveal their so-called secrets to anyone that is willing to listen or read about them. You can go to just about any successful marketer out there and they will reveal many of their techniques and strategies in eBooks, boot camps and other courses that they give away for free.

Free you say? Well, sort of. You see most online marketers know that they need to have a pretty good list to start making some significant money. If you’ve been around at all you have probably heard the term, “The money is in the list.” You providing your name and email address for a well written eBook is an exchange. You are getting valuable information that you need and a marketing professional is getting another name on his list. While some folks will tell you that what you really need to do is develop relationships with people and help them succeed, I would argue that you just need to create some quality information that people will provide their name, email address and maybe even a phone number to get. Yep, build that list, that IS where the money will be one day.

Online Marketing Secrets and Statistics

It’s that simple? Yeah, pretty much. You see, as a marketer I am always concerned with numbers, statistics and testing parameters. I want to know how many people are visiting my site as a result of an article I have written or a video I have posted. I want to know which facebook group brought out the most visitors and whether or not it is important for me to post a status update every hour, every 2 hours or once a day, etc. I do this because ultimately I know if I drive “x” number of people to my site that I can entice “y” amount of folks from that group to sign up to a capture page for information concerning a program or information. (Notice I’m not even worried about selling anything just yet.)

Internet marketing, at this stage, is a science. As stated above we crunch numbers and all kinds of data. We want to know what EXACTLY works and what doesn’t. I know that when I start a campaign up I want to know where traffic is coming from and when I find what is working the best I focus most of my attention on that method. I then will match that method with some other form of marketing I have developed until I find something that may work a little better. Then I add this technique and start looking for and developing other techniques to match against this method until I find something that works even better. It’s always about improving. Over time these little changes and “upgrades” pay off in more and more targeted traffic.

Online Marketing Secrets and Your Programs

Once I have a decent amount of traffic I may slowly start releasing information surrounding a new program or tool that I have found to work. I may write a “review” article around a program or company that people are searching out when they perform their due diligence. All the while I am doing what I can do to learn more and broaden my brand as the guy that understands online marketing so some folks that are looking for information on these other businesses will come by and check my site out, my programs out and eventually

In terms of finding any new online marketing secrets, I’m just not sure I subscribe to that idea at all. Like I said before, there are tons of programs and courses out there that people give away and I am a big believer in getting all of the information that you possibly can on marketing. Even bad courses serve a purpose in as much as they can show you what NOT to do. I’m just not sure that these things qualify as online marketing secrets or rather just the use of common sense.

Online Marketing Secrets Aren’t Really Secrets

I receive quite a few calls daily from leads and prospects wanting to know the best way to do this or the best way to do that and quite honestly it really doesn’t matter. Probably one of the keys to marketing, one of those key online marketing secrets (wink, wink), is to get out there and do something…anything! So many people spend so much time planning that they fail to act and that’s usually the biggest problem of all.

Look, you can go out there trying to find a bunch of online marketing secrets or you can get a WordPress blog and start posting articles. It’s up to you, but I can tell you right now that the only online marketing secrets that you ever need to know are to work hard, be consistent and don’t quit, other than that all the rest is just hype and non-sense. There are no online marketing secrets and over the next few blog posts I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do to start marketing your blog the best way I know, so make sure you stay tuned!

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