Hey folks, guess what? I’ve finally solved the problem of “how can I teach people I get in a program to do the same things I do and make money online?” Now, believe it or not, I have been thinking about that particular question for some time now.

One of the problems that I always face, whether I am promoting a money making program like znz one and znz big cash or maybe a gifting activity (well, not anymore) is how I can really help people learn to make money. Like I said, I’ve finally solved that problem.

How? I am starting a training course. I know most of you already know about the training videos I do on Mark Graham Marketing, but this is a bit different. I’m not going to make videos about the tools I use to promote my sites. I’m not going to make a video showing you the different tips on how to write an effective article that will be read or the latest in ad copy…well, I’m not and I sort of am.

The main difference here is that I am going to show you from the very, very first step of finding a good domain name, buying the URL from a site and hosting that domain. I will then start to build a WordPress blog, how I monetize the blog and how to start promoting znz one and znz big cash using this blog as a marketing platform.

Yep, going to set this one up and start driving traffic to it, but I’m going to show you every little detail so you will know exactly what I do to make it all happen!

I’m super excited about this because I don’t think anyone else has ever done it…well, not for free anyway and that’s the kicker. I’m not going to charge you for this information, not now, not ever. I’m going to show you how to do this for no other reason than to sign up for it. I will put a opt-in form in the side bar and you can sign up for it.

Now if you still want to call these programs scams that’s fine, but I am no longer giving you an excuse not to really check them out. You can sit there on your butt and talk about how you want to do this and that or you can actually do something about it. The choice is yours.

If you are more interested in getting back to your favorite television program that will NEVER earn you a penny, then knock yourself out. Or…

…instead of watching that pathetic junk, you can watch my videos, as boring as some may be, and really learn how to make money online. The choice is yours.

Think this is too good to be true? Maybe it is, but unless you take the next step, you will never know!

Mark Graham

how to succeed online step by step!

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Can I Use a Free Blogging Program?

free blogging programCan I use a free blogging program like blogger.com or WordPress.com to make money online?

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked this particular question and my answer is usually the same, as a smart a** I usually answer the question with another question. My question goes like this:

When you search for information how many first page results do you see that are “free” blogs?

Identifying A Free Blogging Program

Yes, you can always tell when someone is using a free blogging program as opposed to someone that has created a unique URL and created a WordPress blog using the hosting accounts cPanel and Softaculous rather than using a free blogging program. How? The free blog will have a subdomain format such as: makebigmoney.blogspot.com  or  makebigmoney.wordpress.com.

Why does this make a free blogging program a bad idea? In the simplest of terms, this structure – along with some other things – makes ranking a free blog more difficult than one with a unique URL. In the long run, that is the exact reason why I don’t use them other than to use to support my other sites with a unique domain name.

A Free Blogging Program and The Rules

The other problem with a free blogging program is that if you violate rules or policies with the blog host, they can and will terminate your account. What if you had a hundred posts on the account, was using it to promote other blogs or promoting an online program that WordPress or Google decided violated their policies and therefore shut your blog down? I can tell you from personal experience, it stings.

I suppose I am one of those types of people, considered a “rebel” I’m sure by many, I like having the least amount of people with direct control to my life and my lifestyle as possible. I don’t like following the rules, never have and probably never will. I tolerate and abide by rules because I have to in many cases. Violating someones ridiculous policy is not one of those things I’m going to lose sleep over.

Having my site taken down for crossing over into “grey” areas in terms of my blog subjects is another. It is a lot of work to create content for a blog. Once you have developed a base of readers, something else that isn’t easy to build up, you don’t want to lose them.

Free Blogging Program Better Than None At All

Overall, I just like the flexibility and independence of having a self-hosted blog. I like the fact that I can develop a URL based on a popular key phrase or my own name. There is nothing wrong with starting off in the internet world using a free blogging program and if another option is not available at this time I would start here rather than do nothing at all.

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