The Different Roads of Passive Income Generation

There are numerous paths that will allow an individual to achieve a level of passive income generation. I am involved with a few different programs – all that work for me – that allow me to set up systems and drive traffic that will ultimately create residual and passive income streams, all from the comfort of my home.

So what are some of these passive income generation techniques? The methods that I participate in are: blogging, affiliate marketing, mlm or network marketing and referral marketing. I’ve been involved with the cash gifting activity in the past, but I no longer promote gifting as a passive income generation technique due to legal issues.

passive income generation

Passive Income Generation Through Blogging

Setting up a blog today is a very simple thing to do and one of the key platforms I use for passive income generation. By writing about topics and subjects that I am already interested and passionate about, I can drive traffic to my site that consists of like-minded individuals and this “automatic” traffic is the foundation for passive income generation. This allows me to monetize my blogs in different ways, all which create a passive lifestyle.

Passive Income Generation and the Empower Network – It Really Works!

While I often will create a unique domain name and set up a WordPress blog on my own, generating traffic by ranking well on search engines can take a bit of time. A shortcut to passive income generation when utilizing the blogging platform is by getting involved with a system like the Empower Network.

There are a few reasons to join the Empower Network that make sense. First of all the blogging network of EN allows marketers access to a huge opportunity to leverage the content of their fellow marketers. Mainly you will benefit from content on the network by being able to achieve higher page ranking in the search engines. With a new blog this could take quite some time, but with EN you could be achieving the higher rankings within days.

As far as passive income generation is concerned, the Empower Network is a wonderful opportunity for those that are just getting started online as well as providing another opportunity for those of us with a little more experience.

passive income generation

Monetizing Your Blog For Passive Income Generation

In terms of monetizing your blog, that can be done in a variety of ways. If you are able to drive enough traffic to your site then putting adsense advertising is one way of passive income generation. You can also sell spots on your blog to others for banner advertising, although I choose to put affiliate banners in many of those locations.

The more traffic that you generate to your blog, the more opportunities you have to be able to create varied income streams, so traffic generation is key to your overall success.

Affiliate Marketing and Passive Income Generation

Posting affiliate links in different locations on the Internet can be a phenomenal way of developing passive income. While this isn’t necessarily “passive” in the literal sense, if you post links and create articles with links to different affiliate programs, you can get a similar passive income generation feel to your efforts. Once you have a certain amount of traffic coming to a sales page for your products then it is more of a matter of maintaining the site and the traffic.

MLM and Network Marketing Passive Income Generation

This may be one of the better methods of developing a passive income, but I you have to be careful here as network marketing, while being a business model that I absolutely love, is not without its problems. For example, by their very nature, network marketing programs require some type of constant purchase of products whether it come through an auto-ship or through the sales of product to different customers outside your home.

The problem generally lies in the fact that most people cannot afford an auto-ship over an extended period of time and many folks don’t take the time, don’t feel comfortable doing or are too consumed with their current work lifestyle to go out and sell products. So what is the solution?

In my most humble of opinions, the simplest method would be to learn to generate a small amount of income with a more simpler program and use the profits from this type of program contribute to the marketing and advertising budget of a larger, more complicated program. You can use affiliate programs for this purpose or you can use other methods like referral marketing to do this as well.

Ultimately, network marketing is more of a long-term type of business model and success within this field require more experience in business and marketing, all that can be gathered by promoting more basic business models first before moving into this field of passive income generation.

Referral Marketing: My New Favorite Passive Income Generation

It’s no secret that I like simple money making programs and there are very few that are simpler than the programs from Zip Nada Zilch, the ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash programs.

As referral programs, these systems require you to participate in them before you actually are in a position to refer others to them, but that is actually a good thing. With the ZNZ programs mentioned above, you are required to participate in trial offers with different businesses. You can cancel your account before you are ever charged a membership fee or you may choose to keep the product or service. Once you sign up with your trial membership however, you are then eligible to refer others to the site presenting you with the opportunity of passive income generation.

Like affiliate marketing, this type of program is all about generating traffic to your site. I recommend using a blogging platform to locate and attract targeted visitors to your site, but once done through article marketing, video marketing and more, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a residual income. One of the keys with these programs is making sure that you have a marketing system in place like the Online Payday System.

passive income generation

In the end, learning to utilize the leverage of the internet along with using marketing systems and a good income earning program is what will see you to your goals. The opportunity for passive income generation has never been so available for so many as it is today.

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Greed and the Income at Home Scam

income at home scamIncome At Home Scam and Unethical Marketers

People coming onto the internet looking to start a business online do so for a multitude of reasons, but during tough economic times unethical developers and marketers come to the Internet trying to pawn off their income at home scam programs as well. These scam systems are often sold to the unsuspecting entrepreneur as one of a kind, quick money making programs that are nothing more than a way to take money from the customer.

Not All Money Generating Offers Are An Income At Home Scam

With all of the different income at home scam offers that are online at any given time how does one tell if the opportunity that they are looking for is legitimate or not? First thing I can tell you is that I have made a lot of money from programs that many consider a scam. I’ve generated an income from a multi-level marketing opportunity, affiliate and referral programs, advertising offers including AdSense on my blogs and even a cash gifting program. I say this because just about each and every one of these programs have been or still are called scams.

Learn To Market Effectively Online

Since I have experience at making money with all of the above methods I can tell you that the reason that many people will call them scams today is the fact that they do not know how to make money with them, basically they don’t know how to effectively market their programs online. Just because people don’t make money with a particular system doesn’t mean it is a income at home scam. You can argue that one and find many takers online, or you can go out and learn how to market your programs. Basically, if you can learn how to find existing markets of consumers then you can probably find a program for them and make some money.

An Income At Home Scam Is Usually All Hype

A typical, for real income at home scam doesn’t have as much to do with the mechanics of the program as it does with the hype surrounding it. I’m not saying there are not programs that are scams, some will argue that any gifting program is a scam though many will make the argument that they aren’t. With that said, there are many cash gifting programs that are set up like a Ponzi scheme or an illegal pyramid. Usually these types of programs are the type where an individual would pay for a “position” within a matrix. This is a stay away from type of system!

income at home scam

Greed Perpetuates the Income At Home Scam

Much of the time the problem with income at home scam business “opportunities” is that the developers and marketers of these systems are doing nothing more than taking advantage of a basic human flaw called greed. You see, there really are no get-rich-quick business that have ever existed, but in desperate times like some people may be facing in this down economy making money quickly can tug at the emotions. If you really want to know if your opportunity is legitimate or a generating income at home scam is to abide by the old adage that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

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Make 20K in 90 Days or Less!

You know what? I’ve had it. I’m just tired of hearing people tell me how they “need” to make ten or fifteen thousand dollars in six weeks…and they tell me this with a straight face! Really? Just ten or fifteen? Why not twenty thousand, why not fifty?

You can do that?

No. No, you cannot do that, not in the next 90 days, not when you have no experience at all in the world of internet marketing, but hold your face still so I can slap the hell out of you and maybe slap some common sense back into that noggin of yours!

Are you kidding me? At what point did people just decide to start living in the world of Fantasy when it came to starting a business and generating income? I don’t mean to take on this crazy rant right now, but it’s really time for me and maybe time for you to hear it.

You can make a LOT of money online, there is no doubt. IN TIME you can probably make 20K in ninety days or less, but it’s going to take time. It’s going to take effort, it’s going to take education and it’s going to take a hell of a lot of perseverance, but it IS possible.

If you really learn how to do this thing and get really good at it you can probably make that in a month, but once again it isn’t going to come over night, you will have to come up with a good marketing plan to promote a more than decent product or opportunity and you will have to put out the work. And this is where most people stop.

Because the illusion of quick and easy money generated online is shattered by the cold shoulder of reality, most people quit, they give up and quickly talk about how the whole mess was a big scam in the first place. Really?

I used to promote cash gifting, I loved it. Never had I received as much money as quickly as I had when I was promoting my gifting program and yet, it was called a scam. I was constantly in a position of having to argue in forums about the legitimacy of my gifting program, the legality of which is still quite gray. I couldn’t understand why I could generate cash to my mailbox, but the next person could not, that is until I realized that some folks mostly talked about how they wanted to change their lives and make money online rather than do something about it. Talk is cheap, unless you have sent money to someone in a gifting program and you don’t have a clue as to how to generate any gifts for yourself and are too lazy or too stupid to figure out how to market. Then cash gifting is an illegal pyramid, a ponzi scheme, a scam!

I’ve had other folks call me up and want me to promote x,y or z because it is the “best and greatest” product ever. My response? Doesn’t matter. If you have the best product in the world and do not know how to market it you will not make money. If you have a poor product, but know how to market and apply those marketing skills then you can make a fortune. Hmm, what’s the lesson here?

I love Internet marketing. I’m not the best online marketer by any stretch of the imagination, but I can and do make money online. I enjoy the work, it’s fun. I love to help people too. I get such a kick out of helping someone make money for the first time ever, but understand this. Developing a business online is not much different than developing a business in the “real” world. It requires dedication, desire, a plan, hard work and a willingness and persistence to fail until you succeed! That’s it, that’s the secret. And I will help anyone that wants it. Just don’t call me up and ask me how you can make $20K in 90 days or less!

If you do want to find a program that actually works, then CLICK HERE to look at the ZNZ One program that is making me good money everyday.


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