ZNZ Training System – Finally Make Money With ZNZ

znz training systemWhat’s Missing From ZNZ

The simple referally programs frim zip nada zilch, znz one and big cash are still very profitable programs for me, but for many there is an issue of the ability to generate income. As always, the problems usually begin with a person’s inability to effectively market online OR offline.

With this in mind, I have decided to develop a znz training system that is a complete training package to help folks from their very first day online to start to develop and generate some leads. First of all, let’s get one thing straight. This is information that I use to generate traffic and leads and that this information that I will be providing generates a profit for me – I make money with the znz program using these methods.

Now, since I am going to expose what those income generation methods are, you have to understand one other thing and that is that these methods do not work on “autopilot” like so many lazy people want them to. I can develop a znz training system, but that doesn’t mean that people are actually going to put the work and effort into it to build their programs, does it?

The old adage, “You can bring a horse to water, but you can’t make ’em drink,” applies perfectly here. I can develop a znz training system, but that doesn’t mean people are going to implement it properly or take any action at all. It staggers the imagination, but it is true.

Contents of the ZNZ Training System

Included in the znz training system that I am developing will be specific online marketing information. Lessons include:

  • How to set up a blog
  • How to set up a free blog
  • How to expose markets
  • How to find people that want znz
  • Article marketing
  • Video marketing
  • facebook marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Pay-per-click
  • Solo ads
  • Safelists
  • Forum posting
  • Free classified advertising
  • Blog commenting

While this is not a complete list, it gives you an example of just how much information that I have put together.

znz training systemThe Cost

Usually, I will sell this information for a pretty good price. I would put a list price on this one of about $197 dollars or more. What I want to do with this znz training system is to provide it to folks that sign up with me in the program. For those of you that are already signed up, I will probably sell this system for $47 bucks. If you believe that is too much, go away, you aren’t serious.

The ZNZ Training System Will Be Available in September

The znz training system should be available by September 1st and I will send out information to those that are interested in obtaining this training program, just send me an email at paydayforfree@gmail.com with “training system” in the subject line.

Finally, there is going to be an opportunity for you to learn the exact methods and techniques I use to make money with this program. All you will need to do to generate an income with znz is to put my znz training system into place and follow the methods and techniques in a step by step manner.

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Start Branding Yourself As An Expert Starting Today!

branding yourself

Mark Graham

Boost Your Career With Personal Branding

If there is one thing, one piece of advice I would offer up to anyone wanting to start their online career that would be to start branding yourself as an expert right away. While I am not necessarily saying that you have to set up a website – a blog in particular – where the URL is your name, I am telling you that you need to start putting together a campaign to promote yourself as a professional from day 1.

Why is Branding Yourself So Important?

You know, not that long ago I wasn’t a big proponent of branding yourself, but I was WAY off of the mark with that one. Branding myself as an expert in the internet marketing world has opened up many more opportunities in a few different areas of my marketing career.

I now have the opportunity to really teach people to make some money online and some folks actually are taking the information I provide them and are running with it, some for the first time ever. I have also had the opportunity to create a system for Network Marketers that I may not have had without branding myself as an expert first.

So How Do You Brand Yourself?

Branding yourself as a mentor or expert within a specific niche is not that difficult and if done correctly you will be doing this as you build your own business opportunity up.

Article marketing is one of my favorite methods of generating traffic to my site, but it’s also a favorite of mine for starting the process of creating an image that I am “the” guy when it comes to a specific topic within my niche.

For example, I talk about making money online anywhere and this can involve my ZNZ referral programs, the online payday system, the network marketing industry, affiliate marketing or even generating an income from adsense. The best way for folks within those specific niches is to read my articles on different techniques that I use to market, generate leads and sales.

Video marketing can take your branding efforts to the next level because now folks can see you and perhaps even relate to you through your own words. Making videos has been one of the most effective methods for me to generate traffic and start a following that just about anything else out there. My subscribers to my channel are growing and in the next few weeks those numbers are going to skyrocket as I unveil new training on the network marketing industry.

Using a Blog to Brand Yourself an Expert

Everyone now a days has a blog and if you don’t have one you need to get one. You can use your blog to convey information and communicate with your associates as well as utilize your blog to promote your product(s) and yourself.

I will tell you now that if you have a hard time as a self-promoter you need to get past it. As your brand grows others will start spreading the word that you are an expert and that folks should listen to you.

Don’t Lie

No matter what, do not lie. I’m not a big fan of the whole “fake it till you make it” thing. While I understand what this does mean, I would recommend that you start from the beginning. Start telling people your story, start talking about your company, the products and how they are helping you or have helped you in the past in some unexpected way. Above all else, DO NOT LIE!

People can always tell if someone is being genuine or not. Leaders do not lie, when they do not know they do not try to b.s. their way through it. If someone asks you a question that you do not know the answer to be honest, no one knows everything. If you do not know the answer tell them as much, but add, “I have a marketing friend that I can ask – let me do that and I will get back with you.” Of course, make sure you follow up too!

The New Guru In Town

Before long people will start calling you up and asking for your opinion on this or that. People will consider you a guru or at the very minimum an expert. As your knowledge increases, as your content builds and as you get more and more information out there you WILL become an expert and the information you give folks will be Gospel. At that point, you will be the new guru on the block!

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I made this quick video to show folks the different ways to market the online payday system capture page URL. There are a few ways to do this, you can post on the classified ad sites, create new blogs, article marketing….there are tons of ways to get those links out, you just have to find what works for you.


Check out the video and subscribe to the channel for even more videos!

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marketing znz one and big cash

Click Here For Easy Money!

My big question today is, are you marketing znz one and big cash programs effectively? If you are using one of the internet marketing systems either online payday system or the Internet payday system then you are probably off to a good start, but it’s just a start.

You Are Just Getting

With that said, what is next when marketing znz one and big cash? What is the next thing you have to do? You need to make sure that your auto-responder messages are set up correctly, and this is a big deal. While both online payday and internet payday systems are free, there are things that you will have to change or the guys that let you have these systems will get the credit for your effort because by default their links are already embedded within the messages that are preloaded on the system.

You change your messages by going to the back office and clicking on “auto-responder message sequence.” This will allow you to go look at the messages and edit them appropriately. This is an excellent time to change these messages as well. Check out my video on the back office setup.

For example, if you have come up with a brilliant way for marketing znz one and big cash, like giving away a rebate, then this is when you will want to alter your message or even recreate a message stating that you will do whatever if they (those that have been to your capture page) will sign up for the znz one and big cash programs.

Methods of Marketing ZNZ Programs

Once your messages are all set up, it’s just a matter of getting those links out there and there are many, many different ways for doing this. There are quite a number of sites out there that are free classified ad sites, you can post your links in forums or in the commenting section of blogs. You can even post your links on different forums.

Another one of my favorite methods of marketing is through article marketing. I will create an article on a provocative topic or a well researched topic (keyword research is the bomb) and I will post a link or two back to my online payday site or a blog post here. This gives me a good link from a higher ranking site and will deliver a visitor or two every week. With enough articles you could ad another 20 or 30 people a week looking at your information.

Video marketing is one form of marketing that has been and is on the rise. People like to watch stuff and it is no different here on the internet. In my opinion there are a couple of things you could do here. You can either make a video that is funny and unique or you can just come out and be yourself. The key is to make the video and get it out there. I’ll go over ranking on video sites another day – it’s pretty easy!

marketing znz one and big cash

Click Here for Instant Access to Easy Money!

Marketing ZNZ One and Big Cash Pays Off

Ultimately, marketing your ZNZ One and Big Cash programs comes down to ensuring that your auto-responder in the back office is set up correctly and then finding as many places as possible to start posting your capture page link. This isn’t hard stuff folks, simple promoting. However, if done correctly, marketing ZNZ One and Big Cash can bring in some very welcome income and with very little difficulty.

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Keyword Stuffing and Other Things Idiots Think They Know About

keyword stuffing An Idiot Muse

As an avid blogger I am always looking for additional subjects and topics that I may be interested in writing a new post about. Sometimes I read other blogger’s blog posts or articles in different ezines just to find a little inspiration when the “well” runs a little dry. Today, I found my inspiration in one of my own posts, well, from a comment actually.

Get Advice From Experienced Professionals

I love how people enjoy giving you “friendly” advice, but like the pauper offering up financial advice to those seeking to generate wealth, I take most things I hear about blogging and traffic generation with a grain of salt and move on down the road. When I am looking to find additional information or additional methods or techniques to incorporate into my own writing I go to blogs and bloggers that I respect, bloggers that I know are generating a massive amount of traffic. I try to listen to what it is that they have to say because these folks, men and women, have a clue as to what they are doing.

Two Ears and One Mouth…Hmm

However, every once in a while someone rubs me the wrong way. Today it came in the form of a “helpful” comment that I approved and, of course, replied to. I don’t like getting into negative rants at all, but the audacity of some make me wonder why more people aren’t subject to the likes of the Dexter character on Showtime’s series of the same name. OK, that’s a little overboard, perhaps I should just say some people irritate the hell out of me and leave it at that. That’s what I should do, but at 46 I’m just not that mature I suppose.

So, today Mr. Jackass (not his real name) left the comment about how an article of mine is “stuffed” with the key phrase and how I should write more for the reader. Oh really? Perhaps I should write more for the reader? I would love to, but the way this thing works you see is that we generate our traffic by “optimizing” our pages for specific keywords and key phrases. Sometimes that makes writing about the key phrase a bit challenging.

Yes, sometimes the article just doesn’t read as well as it would if we threw these “rules” out the window, but that’s just the nature of the search engines and the algorithms that are designed and employed to run them.

Keyword Stuffing vs. On Page SEO

Now, since “Einstein” knows all about keyword stuffing (actually he doesn’t, I checked the article in question and my key phrase showed up in the article 1.41% of the time – not exactly “stuffing” that word on the page) and nothing about on page SEO perhaps a lesson in both topics is long over due. What amazes me even more is that this particular article is #1 for the key phrase, doesn’t that count for something? Google didn’t really “slap” my site as this “know it all” said they would, they actually did the opposite. Hmm.

Listen guys, to most of you I apologize for writing this way. Usually I can be counted on to be very up beat and positive, but I am tired of these idiots. Didn’t their mother teach them if they had nothing good to say to keep their mouths shut?

I am here for many reasons, one of them is to teach those that want to learn how to set up a blog, write articles and post them on that blog and drive targeted traffic to their sites in order to perhaps position themselves to be able to generate an income from their efforts. One of the ways that we do this is by creating articles based on our keyword research concerning keywords and key phrases. Once more that’s called k-e-y-w-o-r-d research.

For example, the other day I wrote an article on “easy paypal income.” I didn’t write this article because I thought that would be a hip and cool topic to write about, I did so because the keyword research tool that I use indicated that I should focus on this particular phrase. I wrote the article, used my seo pressor software to “score” the article and posted it. Within a few days that article was #1 where it still resides to this day. This is how it works boys and girls and if you don’t like that then go somewhere else to play.

Learning to rank well on the first page of Google for a specific key phrase or keyword can be tough, but especially tough if you do not have a plan of attack. You must first do your research surrounding a topic and figure out how to focus in on specific terms that still have something to do with the topic you were originally looking at. Why? Because you are:

  1.  looking to generate targeted traffic to your website, blog or program,
  2.  making sure there is not too much competition surrounding the phrase or keyword, and
  3.  ensuring that there is enough traffic to make any of this work worthwhile.

Creating content is not really that hard. Yes, you can have a dry spell or two, everyone does, but one thing I have learned is that if we just keep on plugging away at it then we will eventually find our way to those first page results. Well, all of us that accept the fact that computers still look for key phrases rather than eloquently written articles. For those of you that have a critical comment to submit about this article I say shut up and start writing your own stuff and start ranking on the first page of Google yourself…if you can, that is.

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