marketing your program on facebookWe’ve all experienced it one time or another. You get online to check your email and wham! nothing but spam and “Come See the Newest Way to Make Six-Figures a Year in your Underwear!” emails addressed to you and twenty seven other lucky opportunity seekers.

First, I don’t want the image of a guy that does nothing but sit on his tail all day long in his underwear. It’s the same sort of thing that disappoints many young lads when they get the “opportunity” to visit a nudist beach…yep, not pretty! With that said, we all know how much of a pain in the butt all the spam coming to our inbox is. Some years back many of the bigger email providers like Google’s gmail put software on their servers to detect this onslaught of spam to our accounts.

Now it’s facebook. Yes, I am a marketer too and yes I market my program online with facebook and some other social websites, but I see folks all of the time sending link after link to my “wall,” and that’s just not cool. So, I’m going to write this post here in order to possibly help and give a guideline or two when it comes to marketing your program on these social websites.

First, when you are sending out a message facebook, like email accounts, will allow you to send a message to more than one user at a time. That is to say that you can send your message to multiple accounts at one time. My advice is don’t do it. Like sending out a bunch of crap in emails to folks who have not opted into any of your programs or newsletters, this is nothing more than spam. Yes, I do know that spam works in some cases, but I assure you that there are better ways of selling your programs and your products than throwing a bunch of crap out there into the ethernet for the world to sift through.

Have you ever heard the term “attraction marketing?” In a nutshell attraction marketing is where you attract targeted visitors to your site via forum posts, video marketing, article marketing and perhaps a blog or two. These targeted visitors then have the opportunity to look at some of the content you have created and if they like what it is that they are reading, then there is a decent opportunity that these folks will want more information from you regarding your articles or products or even a program and opt into one of your capture pages. Throw a bunch of junk at this same group and I would say that your conversion rate will take a dive.

Marketing your program on facebook requires a lot of work, sometimes more work than would be necessary if you decided to set up a blog and work steady with it over a longer period of time. When I first started looking at facebook as a viable means of marketing a program I realized that by sending out “friend” requests to people was attraction marketing in reverse. I was looking for people already in a group or sub-group of folks to market my services to. I also realized that the “attraction” method worked on facebook, but you did it a little differently.

Basically, to attract others on facebook is a matter of joining the right groups…groups that people are looking to join or looking to find people for their programs. You see, one of the best techniques of marketing to those on facebook that may have an interest in what you are promoting is by looking through groups that have already established an interest in the subject or niche you are already marketing around. This means that I can actually go and search out people that have an interest in network marketing and send them a message asking them to check out a blog post or video about a topic within the mlm industry. I have achieved some good results by doing this as well as sending out a status post to my “friends.” Once you have quite a few “friends” and are associated with quite a few groups yourself, you can spend about thirty minutes or so posting in those groups or on your own wall and generate a huge number of visitors to your site.

Another area on facebook where you may want to become proficient with is the fan pages. The benefits of creating fan pages are that these pages are fairly flexible in terms of you being able to customize them as well as being able to have an unlimited amount of people coming by to “like” your page. Unlike a regular account page where you have a maximum of  5000 friends, you can have tens of thousands of people “like” your page and start receiving posts from you.


Overall, marketing your program on facebook is pretty simple and I would say well worth it. I don’t think facebook or any of the other social media sites out there are going to ever replace other methods of marketing, but one thing is clear and that is that social sites like facebook are going to be around for a long time and they are one of the easiest forms of marketing for the average person. I would say that marketing your program on facebook is going to be a favorite strategy for many marketers online.


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