I made this quick video to show folks the different ways to market the online payday system capture page URL. There are a few ways to do this, you can post on the classified ad sites, create new blogs, article marketing….there are tons of ways to get those links out, you just have to find what works for you.


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Mark G

After fighting his way through the myriad of online swamps and quicksand (and himself!) Mark finally found some financial relief by learning how to effectively promote his content. He now teaches others how to promote their programs and opportunities, is an advocate for those working to make money online and believes that most programs can make you money...when you learn how to properly promote them. You can also catch his work on his personal blog markgrahammarketing.com
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  1. Hi Mark. I’ve been reading your site with interest the last couple of days and am keen to try it out for myself, but I was wondering if you could tell me how much time per day you would think it would take a newbie to make a decent start? I’m not afraid of doing the work, but I already have an online business which takes up a lot of my time and don’t want to have to neglect that! Thanks for all your tips,

  2. How are you marketing your other business?

    Bottom line, as far as I am concerned, is programs come second – effective marketing and promoting come first. So when you are asking how much time per day it would take a person – a newbie, as you put it – to make a decent start I would just have to say it depends. Depends on where you post your advertising, how much you blog, how many videos you make, etc. The key, as always, is putting together a plan, putting the plan in action and being consistent with your efforts. Adjust as you progress and set a goal of getting better and better every single day!

    What is your other online biz?