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I always talk about how programs don’t matter as much as your ability to market online effectively and efficiently when I write about building a business utilizing the Internet and the same applies to generating traffic and how to generate free leads. Learning how to generate free leads and traffic for your program and to your website is still the key, and probably always will be, to becoming successful online. Now don’t think for a minute that I am saying that your program doesn’t matter, because it does. Joining the right program, the program that will offer you the best chance for success is extremely important, just not as important as developing and employing the marketing skills that you need to learn to generate free leads and free traffic to that site.

Learning how to generate free leads for your business opportunity, website, blog or whatever is a skill set that many never really learn. Some may think that to generate free leads you must use tools that make the process not-so-free, but the truth is that if you learn a couple of marketing tactics and implement these tactics into an overall marketing strategy, then just about anyone can generate free lads and traffic.

Tools to Help You Generate Free Leads

As far as tools go, they help tremendously when we are talking about generating traffic and how to generate free leads, but if you wanted to stick to a couple of tools and keep your out of pocket expenses down to around 50 or 60 dollars a month (who ever heard of running a business with just 50 bucks out of pocket a month) then it is more than possible to generate free leads with that amount of investment in your business every month. The main tools that I would look for would be submission type tools like an article submission service as well as maybe a video submission service. You could do both for somewhere around 60 dollars and there are even some services that you can do for free (tools tab coming soon to MMOA).

generate free leads

Strategy to Generate Free Leads

To start generating free leads and traffic soon, you need a marketing strategy and you need to plan out your move. This is not difficult either. Look at the following step by step example:

Step 1: Write a keyword rich article on your blog or on a popular ezine site like ezinearticles – make sure you put in 2 to 3 links back to your program capture page or where ever it is that you want people to go.

Step 2: Now, write another article with the keyword in your first article mentioned and use this as an “anchor” keyword. That is to say, that you will use this keyword to link back to your blog post from this website either in the body of the article, or more likely in the author resource box.

Step 3: You are going to re-write this article 3 more times. (Tip: re-write it once then take the first paragraph from first article, 2nd paragraph from 2nd article, 3rd paragraph from first article, etc., etc. Switch when making the fourth). You should have four unique articles.

Step 4: You should make 4 different author resource paragraphs to post with different article directories. These should be direct, short and simple and contain your anchor text (anchor keyword) as well as perhaps your website. Do not put anymore than 2 links in the resource paragraph.

Step 5: If you have a submission service, then post these different articles with them. If you need an article submission service, I use two. Article Submitter Pro and Unique Article Wizard. You can also try the FREE service which is where you can submit your articles and generate back-links to your post or article for free – always a good thing!

Using the above strategy over and over, remember that consistency goes a long, long way here on the Internet, you will start to see some amazing results and you will be able to generate free leads and increase your traffic.

Consistency is the Key to Generate Free Leads and Traffic

In the end, learning to generate free leads is nothing more than learning some simple marketing techniques. In the above example you saw a simple technique for driving some traffic using an article marketing strategy. These techniques can also be used with video marketing as well. Challenge yourself to post a new article everyday for 30 days and you will be surprised by the results that you will see at the end of that time. When you start to generate your traffic and generate free leads to your system the good news is that you will be able to do this over and over AND be able to teach your team members how to generate free leads.

generate free leads

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