nework marketing scamI know you have heard it before, that if you are going to sign up with one of those network marketing scam businesses you are just another stupid potential victim! OK, tell me how you really feel! The question I pose before you though is this: Is network marketing stupid and are most of these mlm businesses just another network marketing scam?

Network Marketing Scam Gurus

I’ve been following this one marketer over the weekend and I have to tell you I always want to slap myself when I realize how simple network marketing can be, ah that’s for those of us that are involved in the network marketing scam industry. (David Wood – Definition of Stupid Video – Notice I didn’t say easy, I said simple. I know there are some folks out there right now railing on about the latest network marketing scam, whatever that may be, but the one thing people never talk about is the traditional business model scam! Let’s take a look at what I’m talking about here. You join the top network marketingscam and are excited and everyone around you is shaking their head in disbelief that you joined another one of “those” opportunities again. I understand, I’ve been there once or twice myself, BUT did these same financial geniuses take a look at their own “opportunity?” I’ll bet no.

A Network Marketing Scam vs. The Forty Year Scam

The average person is told to go to school, make good grades and get a job. There you can work for the next forty odd years or so and get to the point where you retire…now you can go live the “good” life. The problem with this model is that it just doesn’t work for most people. I know, I know, you are saying that network marketing has a 95% to 97% failure rate and my response to you is so does the traditional model, but the real problem with that model is that you don’t realize you are in the 97 percentile until you are too old to start over and do anything about it! That’s right, most people reaching the age of 65 in the United States are unable to stop working. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

A Four Year Network Marketing Scam Model

Now, let’s look at the network marketing scam model. You start out and you don’t do too well. You are struggling along to get even one single person in your business every couple of months. You definitely are not setting any records here, you are akin to the tortoise in Aesop’s fable. A year has gone by and you’ve sponsored a mere 3 people into your AWESOME network marketing scam! And these guys you sponsored aren’t any better…they’ve only sponsored 1 person a piece. Not much of a business to look at is it? And another year goes by… OK, you are on year two of your idiotic network marketing scam business opportunity. Once again a lackluster year for you. You’ve learned a thing or two though and now you have sponsored 4 people in the entire year. OMG! That brings you up to 7 in your organization, right? Nope. You forgot, you had 3 from the first year and those 3 had 1 person involved in that same year, plus this year they were a little worse off than you and sponsored 3 into their organizations. They also had 1 each from the first year and those people only sponsored 2 this year. Um, you have 26 people in your entire organization….after 2 years! Can you say network marketing scam? Year three here and once again, no one is doing any better…except something is a little different. Everyone that was in your business organization, including you have sponsored 4 this year…one person every 3 months. You now have 84 people in your organization and you are starting to see some decent checks. You still have to go to that same crappy job you had when you got involved with your mlm opportunity, but now people are starting to see a little pep in your step! You have gone on some cool vacations and you are the most positive employee at your job. network marketing scamYear four is another bummer year, again every three months (on average) your group sponsor rate remains. Your organization has 336 distributors and since you did your research right and found a good program, you are now earning six figures in your network marketing scam. It took you four years to get to this point, but you’ve been at that job for ten years and your income isn’t much better than when you started your business, you know the network marketing scam.

The Network Marketing Scam That Retired You From Your Job

You look to your left and you look to your right and smile at those that said you should stay away from the network marketing scam opportunities as you get up and take your resignation to your boss, while your co-workers talk about how lucky you were to have an opportunity like your network marketing scam fall into your lap.

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