ZNZ Big Cash: Another Awesome Income Generating Program!

OK guys, once again I’m here to tell you about a Zip Nada Zilch program, this one named ZNZ Big Cash. So what is ZNZ Big Cash? Well this is another program almost identical to the ZNZ One program with a couple of exceptions.

Big Cash Explained

First, ZNZ One offers 1 trial offer, thus making it a more simple program. You fill out and participate in an offer and once you complete the trial you either keep the program or cancel it. Once you decide to participate in the program and sign up for a trial offer you are qualified to refer others to the site. If these folks join up and do the same thing that you do, then you receive a $20 referral fee to your paypal account. Simple, right?

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Marketing Your Program on Facebook: Too “Spammy?”

marketing your program on facebookWe’ve all experienced it one time or another. You get online to check your email and wham! nothing but spam and “Come See the Newest Way to Make Six-Figures a Year in your Underwear!” emails addressed to you and twenty seven other lucky opportunity seekers.

First, I don’t want the image of a guy that does nothing but sit on his tail all day long in his underwear. It’s the same sort of thing that disappoints many young lads when they get the “opportunity” to visit a nudist beach…yep, not pretty! With that said, we all know how much of a pain in the butt all the spam coming to our inbox is. Some years back many of the bigger email providers like Google’s gmail put software on their servers to detect this onslaught of spam to our accounts.

Now it’s facebook. Yes, I am a marketer too and yes I market my program online with facebook and some other social websites, but I see folks all of the time sending link after link to my “wall,” and that’s just not cool. So, I’m going to write this post here in order to possibly help and give a guideline or two when it comes to marketing your program on these social websites.

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Are You a Slave or Do You Own Your Life?

Has Slavery Really Ended?

The question above of course does not refer to the type of 19th century slavery that many of us picture when I am talking about being a slave in the modern era. Yet I am still referring to slavery in the sense that you may not fully own your life. Think I’m exaggerating? Let’s see.

Ask yourself this little question, do you really own your own life? Are you truly free in the economic sense. I know a lot of people that believe that they are doing quite well, that they are indeed free, but as most realize too late, after they have been laid off and cannot find another job, that they might not be as free as they thought they were.

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