The Compounding Effects of Consistency

the compounding effects of consistencyThe other night on my training call I mentioned something about taking a penny and doubling it, and subsequently whatever the sum was, every day and how much you would have at the end of the month. I know some of you have probably done this, but… just to make sure you didn’t think I was pulling your leg, I decided to show you and get you to understand how your own daily consistent efforts will pay off down the road.

Here is the information, I hope it makes you think:

Day 1: $.01
Day 2: $.02
Day 3: $.04
Day 4: $.08
Day 5: $.16
Day 6: $.32
Day 7: $.64  <—-  I love how you only have $.64 at the end of the first week!
Day 8: $1.28
Day 9: $2.56
Day 10: $5.12
Day 11: $10.24
Day 12: $20.48
Day 13: $40.96
Day 14: $81.92 <—- Weed 2 mark (is this really worth it?)
Day 15: $163.84
Day 16: $327.68
Day 17: $655.36
Day 18: $1,310.72
Day 19: $2,621.44
Day 20: $5,242.88
Day 21: $10,485.76 <— Week 3…OK, maybe this works.
Day 22: $20,971.52
Day 23: $41,943.04
Day 24: $83,886.08
Day 25: $167,772.16
Day 26: $335,544.32
Day 27: $671,088.64
Day 28: $1,342,177.28
Day 29: $2,684,354.56
Day 30: $5,368,709.12 <— Week 4 – So glad I stuck it out!

Of course, there are 31 days in a few months as well and that would add up to $10,737,418.24!

Just by doubling the penny and it’s sum every day for a month.

When people first start out online they have all of these illusions of quick and easy money and I can tell you that the reality doesn’t come anywhere near that, BUT…

…If you provide consistent effort, such as consistent posting of your capture page links, you will see huge results in a few weeks. If you start posting today, don’t call me up in 3 or 4 days and tell me this doesn’t work. What you have to keep in mind is that I and every other successful marketer started at the same place as you.

When I first started marketing online I didn’t have a clue. To be honest, some days I still feel like I don’t know much, but I do know one thing: Consistent effort will bring results and MASSIVE CONSISTENT EFFORT WILL BRING FORTH MASSIVE RESULTS!

This stuff is not rocket science, it’s not hard nor is it easy. The best thing to say is that it is achievable by anyone that truly has a desire to find online success. Don’t stop and don’t ever, ever quit. There can be a struggle to deal with at times, but it is a struggle that you will be rewarded for.

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how to make easy money onlineHow to Make Easy Money Online Like the Pros

Everyone wants to know how to make easy money online with this program or that program, I want to know how to make easy money online myself, but I’m not sure that it really exists. If you were to show people how to make money online using simple methods and simple programs, then I might actually jump on that boat.

Consistent Effort is How to Make Easy Money Online

Generating an income online is not that difficult. The main problem people have is that they don’t do the little things on a consistent basis. I always preach to people about committing to small steps everyday, little steps that over time will produce enormous benefits.

There is a bit of a formula here and it goes something like this:

Effective Techniques + Consistent Effort x Time = Positive Results

OK, it’s not a real formula, but you get the drift!

If you are truly interested in learning how to make easy money online or any money online then you need to start thinking like an internet marketer. First, successful marketers don’t focus on whether or not the sites are beautifully constructed or the compensation plan is the best in the industry. We want to make sure that we aren’t considering promoting a dog, but the secret to learning how to make easy money online comes from determining whether or not we can make money with a service, program or product. Period.

You see, it doesn’t matter how great and fantastic your product is. If you want to know how to make easy money online then you are going to have to learn how to analyze opportunities from this internet marketing point of view.

Your Perspective Will Determine How to Make Easy Money Online

Initially, after I make sure that this program or system or whatever is not a complete dog, that there is some credibility to it, then I do some quick keyword research. As an seo type of marketer and blogger I just want to find out real quick if I can rank on the first page of Google and other search engines with some keywords or key phrases surrounding the product or program.

If my first, “quick” search reveals that there are some possibilities for a first page ranking then I perform some additional keyword research with more sophisticated tools like Market Samurai or Jaaxy. At this point, I’m going to start looking for a minimum of five good keywords or phrases that I can score well with in terms of hitting that first page of Google. I want as many as I can get and secure as much traffic as possible.

At this stage you might be thinking that learning how to make easy money online isn’t quite that easy, but I assure you that I’ve probably only spent about fifteen minutes so far deciding whether or not to go for it or not. The “work” has not really begun, but I can assure you that if you want to know how to make easy money online then the number one thing you want to focus on is the keyword research as this will determine your overall success. You want this right from the very beginning.

How to Make Easy Money Online By Creating Content

The next step that you must become proficient with is content creation. When look at how to make easy money online with your programs or your blog, it is necessary to create articles, videos, blog posts, pdf documents and maybe even a power point presentation or two. These can all be used to promote a single idea or key phrase.

Developing content on such a huge scale isn’t that hard. Basically, once an article is written, all other content can be constructed using it as the main model and remember we are learning how to make easy money online not get rich quick overnight.

While these techniques and methods may seem a bit overwhelming now, once you cross the learning curve and actually commit to building your website or blog to a point where you are actually generating an income, things will have become much simpler. Plus, when you know how to make easy money online with your internet marketing site, you will never want to go back to a traditional job with a traditional

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Finally Reading The 4 Hour Work Week

4 hour work weekReading The 4 Hour Work Week…Finally!

OK, I’ll admit it, for a guy that wants to do nothing more than earn my own time and money freedom I sure have taken my sweet time to start reading the book The 4 Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferriss. I have heard about this book from many online marketers (imagine that!) and realize that what this Ferriss guy is talking about in the preface and first chapter is EXACTLY how I have wanted to live my life since I was about seventeen. Am I finally on the “right” track with this stuff? Only time will tell if a 4 hour work week is in my future.

The 4 Hour Work Week Is a Revelation

From the first moment I download the book to my kindle (a great gift from my step-daughter, by the way), I realize this is something different. I’m such a pansy when it comes to thought provoking quotes, especially irreverent ones like 4 hour work week, that I’m enjoying some quick glimpses into Nirvana when I see two quotes from some notably irreverent fellows in the first few “pages.”

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. – Mark Twain


Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination. – Oscar Wilde

These are more than lines that give the reader an obligatory “pause and reflect” moment. For me, the two quotes above are a call to my inner child and cumulative core beliefs. Yep, I’m still that “know it all” at heart and I just have to put into action the “irrational and adolescent” beliefs that I have carried with me all of these years. In other words, I’m ready to play and that is a good thing because I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up!

The 4 Hour Work Week Proposes Living Life To The Fullest

For me, money and (dare I say it?) a career are nothing more than a means to go out into this world and have fun. I still believe that my purpose in this life may be nothing more than to experience it to the very fullest and why not? Does the fact that I want to travel and see things with my own eyes in an age when circumnavigating the world is done on a daily basis by those with means make me less of a person? Does that mean that my “contribution” to others is limited by my own selfish ambitions of doing something outside the norm? What if I can actually show others how to live a 4 hour work week?

I can’t help it. I read sentences like, “Common sense rules of the “real world” are a fragile collection of socially reinforced illusions,” and I know I have found a kindred spirit. This guy “gets it” and I want to follow in his foot steps.

The 4 Hour Work Week and Conventional Wisdom

The 4 Hour Work Week may fly in the face of convention, which makes the book a bit more attractive to me in the first place, but I also find a sense of relief as I read. I realize that I’m not the only “dreamer” out there, that knowing there is something better out there is not just a fantasy that I have carried with me most of my adult life. I realize that I too belong to a tribe of believers. We KNOW that life has more to offer and that working ourselves to death is NOT the answer.

My parents instilled in me a strong work ethic and I have proven to them and to myself that I can carry out this idea of working 80 and 100 hour weeks. Yes, it is possible to immerse yourself totally into the idea that economic slavery is something to aspire for, but in the end I just want to work the least amount of time possible, but earn enough to live the lifestyle I am looking for. The days of my children growing up without me are gone. It’s not how things HAVE to be.

As I continue to read this book, I will post different articles when I feel the need to. I will write a review of The 4 Hour Work Week in the days to come and I’m sure it will deliver on my expectations. As always, I will share my knowledge with you guys, hopefully you can get as much out of my reflection of these lessons as I am getting out of The 4 Hour Work Week.

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Welcome to Make Money Online Anywhere

This site is dedicated to those that want to make money online anywhere in the world that they want to be as long as they have a laptop and access to the Internet.

Make Money Online Anywhere With Network Marketing

While I concentrate on network marketing and mlm subjects, this information will relate to just about any program that is marketed on the Internet. Learning to make money online anywhere with a network marketing program is not difficult either, but you must have the proper training, the proper program (there is criteria that you will learn to find a good program) and the systems in place so that making money online anywhere is not a struggle.

In terms of how long does success take depends on the system that is applied to the program and you. As far as a system is concerned, you want something that is generic as well as ensuring that the system is one that a new person can duplicate.

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Are You Building YOUR Dreams?

I remember when I was younger how I thought I was going to live my adult life. Although I was pretty naive about certain things, I also realized that the process of creating the wealth that I would need to achieve some of my goals was going to require education and work, both of which I was not afraid to get or apply.

Life Gets in the Way

As the years rolled on, something happened, something that many of us have a clear idea about – life. That’s right, somewhere along the way of my achieving great fortune and success life came screaming in a most profound way.

While I thought that by the time I was thirty years old that I would be traveling the globe, visiting Machu Pichu and The Lost City of the Inca’s or exploring the Great Pyramid at Giza, I never suspected in my wildest imagination that I would be working as a plumber in the construction industry wondering what the heck had happened! Where did I go wrong? Where did my plan go astray!

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