mlm lead generation systemThe Purpose of a MLM Lead Generation System

Is the purpose of a MLM lead generation system just to generate leads or are there other aspects of this type of a system that differentiates itself from creating simple leads or should a mlm lead generation system help the marketer go from lead to prospect to team member?

I like an all encompassing mlm lead generation system, something that will not only help you generate mlm leads, but also train those leads and convert them into active team members. This to me makes a more complete mlm lead generation system and overcomes one of the problems of any type of network marketing system and that is the training.

You must realize that we all come into this network marketing business at different levels. Someone that may be new to your business opportunity may have in fact been involved with network marketing for years and have a lot of experience with mlm – this could be a plus or it could be a negative that must be dealt with.

Why a MLM Lead Generation System is Necessary

First, let’s deal with some of the problem of the mlm business in the first place and decide why a mlm lead generation system is a necessary component to your business.

What are the problems of network marketing? Before we get started, let me just say that I love network marketing, I love the business model and when properly built provides the ultimate lifestyle. However, there are problems with network marketing and a good mlm lead generation system is going to address some of these main issues.

mlm lead generation system

First, recruiting. Now we are told by our upline in many cases that we need to develop our list of “warm” prospects – you know, our friends and family. Excuse me, I know that some  were able to build their businesses this way, about 3% of all of those that entered the industry, but these methods are outdated by a long shot and don’t work for most. A good mlm lead generation system is going to help many succeed where this marketing plow left many frustrated and without success.

Second, training. While you are told in the recruiting process that company so and so is so great and wonderful and they provide the best training in the industry and blah, blah, blah. The problem is when it comes time to train people, your upline has that deer in the headlight look because they don’t know what to do next. Usually this isn’t their fault, but it does present a major problem for the new recruit.

Third, autoship. An autoship within a network marketing company is a given – this has to happen because the whole compensation plan is based on building volume and an autoship does this very effectively. Where this becomes a problem then is when you have a monthly autoship charge and your business is NOT growing. You have money leaving, but nothing coming in. What??? Who thought that was a great way to build a business.

A MLM Lead Generation System Is a Part of the Solution

So what’s the answer? Well, a mlm lead generation system is a big part of the solution to addressing some of these issues, but you want a complete system and when you are talking about building your network marketing business online you are talking about generating leads, informing and instructing those leads and converting those leads into either:

A) a customer


B) a team member

There really isn’t another alternative, that’s it. So essentially what we are talking about here is that we are going to actually have to perhaps do a little selling.

There’s that evil word…sell. Look, you are never going to get around this, just the way that it is. You are going to have to sell something to someone whether it be a product or an idea.

Let the System do the Selling

Does that mean you have to go out there and push this thing? You know, sell, sell, sell. No, it doesn’t. A mlm lead generation system is going to be designed to target prospects THAT ARE ALREADY LOOKING FOR WHAT YOU ARE OFFERING. That sort of makes the whole “selling” process a little easier, doesn’t it.

A good mlm lead generation system is also going to start the process of information or instructing your leads not only about your company perhaps, but also about misleading concepts and even outright lies about mlm that have been told over and over and over.

A good mlm lead generation system is not going to focus on the “friends and family” approach. Now understand that a lot of folks have built huge businesses with this approach, but for the most part, most people aren’t going to find any success what so ever marketing to their friends and family. It just doesn’t work that well.

A good mlm lead generation system is going to do about 80% of the heavy lifting when it comes to recruiting people into your organization. The great news here is that these systems have a tendency to duplicate at a high level. This is great for you because it means that others, even new people can come into this industry and find success without you having to teach them every little thing about the company – something that very few of us could do anyway.

Building a Life With a Good MLM Lead Generation System

Ultimately a great mlm lead generation system is going to do one thing – help us build our businesses in the most effective and efficient manner possible. If we need leads, we will get leads, if we need training our system will train. In the end, the system that we find is going to be one that helps us leave this rat race and build the lifestyle that we have only imagined!

mlm lead generation system

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generate free leadsLearn to Generate Free Leads and Free Traffic

I always talk about how programs don’t matter as much as your ability to market online effectively and efficiently when I write about building a business utilizing the Internet and the same applies to generating traffic and how to generate free leads. Learning how to generate free leads and traffic for your program and to your website is still the key, and probably always will be, to becoming successful online. Now don’t think for a minute that I am saying that your program doesn’t matter, because it does. Joining the right program, the program that will offer you the best chance for success is extremely important, just not as important as developing and employing the marketing skills that you need to learn to generate free leads and free traffic to that site.

Learning how to generate free leads for your business opportunity, website, blog or whatever is a skill set that many never really learn. Some may think that to generate free leads you must use tools that make the process not-so-free, but the truth is that if you learn a couple of marketing tactics and implement these tactics into an overall marketing strategy, then just about anyone can generate free lads and traffic.

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Free Site Provides MLM Success Training

After being involved with many different programs on the Internet over the years, one thing above all has occurred to me when it comes to others being able to follow in your footsteps in terms of achieving their goals with a network marketing company and that is mlm success training.

mlm success training

What is MLM Success Training?

So what is mlm success training exactly? Well, in my opinion, you are talking about a complete network marketing system which would include teaching marketing skills to those new to the industry as well as a lead generation system to boot! A site incorporating this type of mlm success training along with the traffic and leads that it would provide could be the answer for many that are currently struggling with network marketing or those that have in the past.

I remember the frustration I felt when it came to attempting to build a network marketing business, especially when I was utilizing the archaic methods that were taught by those trying to “help” and “counsel” me. Thanks, but no thanks! I don’t know what the attraction is to harassing your relatives, friends and basically anyone that comes within a five foot radius of you. That’s not good marketing and it is a far cry from “attraction” or “magnetic” marketing. I remember swearing to myself and anyone that would listen that I was done with network marketing, that I would never again be the victim of that mlm scam. Yet…I knew that this business model would work with the right mlm success training.

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With so many people coming online to look for ways to supplement and even replace their incomes, the need for free MLM training is bigger than ever. Many are struggling with the current and prolonged economic climate and those that are willing to do something about it can find sites like out there that are designed to help newbie network marketers learn effective marketing skills.

Free MLM Training For All

While the free mlm training provided by this new training site IS free, free isn’t always “better.” So does the site hold up, is the information informative and valuable? While being a bit subjective, since I am the creator of the free mlm training program and site, I would have to say that my goal is to make it so. I will tell you that the free mlm training provided on this site is now and forever going to be free. Other than my previously stated goal, I have another one and that is to irritate those that say that they have free systems or that they have free training only to charge on the back end somehow. Hmm, not to free.

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