Working Home Online

working home onlineWorking Home Online Is The Goal…Initially

Working home online is one of the greatest goals that so many of us originally worked towards or so many people are currently working towards.

I suppose I am lucky…I’ve been able to work from home for a few years now and I can’t begin to think that I could ever go back to doing anything else.

Working home online is wonderful and if you know what you are doing, quite profitable.

What it Takes to Start Working Home Online

If you are going to start working towards generating income from home then there are some things that you are going to want to learn. If you look up at the right side of this blog post, you will see an optin form for my 5-day boot camp where I will teach you the 3 steps to online income generation. (shameless plug)

Seriously, if you are going to start working home online and are serious and committed, you shouldn’t have a problem at all, but you need to learn how to do it.

Basically, I have designed a 3 step method for you to be able to start to generate income. That method goes like this:

  1. Find a product or opportunity to promote
  2. Generate a capture page with an email marketing campaign (auto-responder)
  3. Generate targeted leads

If you can master this method, you WILL make money online.

And one more thing…

emsgwatermarkPrograms Do Not Generate Money Online, Marketing Does!

Make sure you read and understand that line.

Working home online is awesome and those that become successful enjoy a pretty decent living and lifestyle, but I can tell you that a program or business opportunity isn’t the reason for it.

What matter is this…


That’s ALL that matters.

Yes, programs might determine how much cash you generate or how fast you generate it, but it’s your ability to promote the product in the first place that makes the difference.

I say this all of the time, I mean, it’s my “mantra” and still people call me and try to promote the latest and greatest product that they have come across because, “This one is the real deal and I think you could take off with it.”

The answer to that statement is, “Yes, if there is a market for it.”

So few people really understand how to make money online and if your are going to generate income from working home online you really need to understand this.

Working Home Online and Online Opportunity Scams

There are a lot of people out there that think that network marketing opportunities are scams or cash gifting is a scam or whatever, but I tell you that there are very few real scams out there.

Basically, if there is a market for a product and there are people already generating cash with a product or an idea then guess what?

You can to0. And most likely it’s not a “scam.”

Let’s take gifting for example. I love cash gifting. I am just now going to get involved with gifting again and here are my reasons for it…

  1. Cash gifting is probably one of the quickest ways to generate a LOT of cash very quickly!
  2. There are no products to store in my garage. (I still have vitamins and juice packs stored up somewhere from other opportunities)
  3. Cash gifting still has a large market of people wanting to know more about it
  4. It’s a perfect fit for someone working home online

You want to send your “happy meter” through the roof? Start generating cash through the mail. You will never be so happy to see your fed ex guy every day.

However, there are very many people out there that will talk about the illegality of gifting and how it’s a big fraud, but THAT JUST ISN’T TRUE!

Once again, if you know how to effectively promote a product, service, program or opportunity you will make money – the vehicle does not matter!


versus 2Working Home Online – Using a Bicycle or a Ferrari?

As far as I’m concerned when working home online you could promote cosmetics to an awesome gifting program – it doesn’t matter to me., but I do have a little analogy if you’d like.

If you had to travel from San Francisco to New York you could ride your bicycle or you could drive a Ferrari. In which vehicle do you think you would get there more quickly?

Of course, the Ferrari…a nice red one 🙂

This is one of the differences between an online opportunity like a low-ticket referral program to a big-ticket item like a good gifting program.

Both industries have a large market to promote to, but one will get you to your financial goals faster. Simple as that.

Now I’m not just trying to shove the idea of cash gifting down your throat, because gifting isn’t for anyone. What I am pushing is that you work on finding a “big-ticket” item that you can promote since it is so much easier to generate cash with something you sell for $1,500 rather than something you make $25 with. I’m sure you get it.

Path to WealthWorking Home Online Could Be The Path To Achieving Your Goals

I don’t know what it is that you want, only you know.

Working home online could be a way for you to get there or not. What I can tell you for sure is that nothing will just happen…I don’t care how many times you have watched the secret or how many affirmations you read aloud – if you do not take action and get involved nothing will transpire!

If you are serious though, working home online could be the life for you, but you need to know how to market so go ahead and take the time to sign up for my 5-Day Marketing Boot Camp and learn how you can start generating thousands a month…or maybe even a week depending on the vehicle you decide to drive.


Google Sniper 2 Review – Does It Really Work?

This is my own little Google Sniper 2 Review and while I’m not an active member of the George Brown fan club (don’t have anything against Mr. Brown either) I will tell you that I will give you the most honest and up-to-date Google Sniper 2 review as possible.

google sniper 2 reviewOverview of The Google Sniper 2.0 System

  • Creator: George Brown
  • Niche: Affiliate Marketing
  • Cost: $47 (with guarantee)
  • Site:

Google Sniper 2 Review: Is there a Difference?

Based on the original Google Sniper program, there have been some tweeking to the system, but nothing way out there. The basis of this program is that you employ basic internet marketing techniques – those techniques that the rest of us have been using for years – to design a marketing and advertising campaign around a specific niche

Yes, this is niche marketing and affiliate marketing in a box.

There are some simple changes to the program, but it’s not huge

Essentially you will do a bit of Keyword research to find:

  • Keywords that have very little competition (tough in the IM/home business niches)
  • Unique domain names from specific key phrases (i.e.,

Google Sniper 2 Review: Does It Work?

This is pretty much what a lot of us in the affiliate world already do. The real question here, the real meat to this Google Sniper 2 review is this: Does it work? Is this product worth the purchase price?

Before I give you my answer understand that I believe in paying for an education. With this product you will receive at least a basic education in online marketing techniques and to me, that would make the $47 dollar purchase a good one.

You are going to realize early on that making money online is not a “push button” process. Auto-pilot sounds so cool, but it’s not really an accurate statement. To put things on autopilot requires that you do a LOT of work. Generally you will do a lot of writing and then do a lot of writing! Have to generate those links somehow if you are not paying for them.

Second, you are always going to have to do something to generate traffic. Just the way that it is. You can either do this through article marketing (didn’t I say a lot of writing already?), video marketing, blogging, commenting, and posting techniques.

Once your sniper sites are up and running, links have been built to them and they are receiving a  bit of traffic, then it would be safe to assume that you WILL make a sale of your affiliate products on “autopilot.”

This Google Sniper 2 review will probably generate a couple of sales for me because it actually does work and I like to write, of course.

While nothing is “easy” here, the basic principles of internet marketing and affiliate marketing are listed by the author with this product. Is it overpriced? Not if you get something out of it and that “something” enables you to start making money as well. I doubt that you will start to generate tens of thousands of dollars in a few weeks, but if you do I’ll pay you to find out how you did it.

Remember, there is a 60 day money back guarantee, so what do you really have to lose? The information IS accurate, but it’s no secret. What you are really paying for here is Mr. Browns ability to package things for you as you could probably find most of this information online for free. The cost is $47, so it’s not that big of a deal.

In my opinion, it’s another place to find some decent information for a low price. Are there other products out there that are equal or even better? Absolutely, but you have to realize that you are going to have to start somewhere and this program actually will lay out some basic ideas that you can incorporate into other programs and techniques you develop for yourself.

google sniper 2 review

This Google Sniper 2 review is from my perspective and that’s really all I can give you anyway, but I do think that you can find value here and on that basis I would probably give this program a shot.

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People are always looking for easy ways to make money online and for the most part it just doesn’t exist. There are ways, however, where you can be extremely efficient and effective and promoting your business through a video like this one is one way to do that.

I made the following video to show folks some tips on how to market a program using simple systems that I use every single day to market and promote my business opportunities with. Go to YouTube and find this video on my channel and use it as you need it. There is also another system that you can use that’s even more simple than this one.


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Have You Made a Decision or a Commitment?

commmitmentA Story of 3 Frogs on a Log

A lot of people know this one, but here is goes anyway:

3 Frogs were sitting on a log in a pond. One frog decided to jump off. How many Frogs are still sitting on the log?

All of them. One simply decided to jump into the water, it never actually took the necessary action to do so.

Talk is Cheap

I speak with folks all of the time that tell me that they have decided to really do this or that and while their voices sound sincere and full of determination they don’t realize for a second that I very seldom rely on what is said, more often than not I will watch their actions to figure out if they are committed or not.

A lot of people don’t know this, some of you do, but I market a network marketing opportunity. What? Haven’t been hit over the head with one of my strategic, hard sell marketing lines??? Ah, no you haven’t. As a matter of fact, chances are that you don’t have a clue as to which network marketing company I’m involved with at all. The reason? I haven’t invited you.

Successful People Take Action

While this may sound a bit pompous and even snobbish, I don’t tell everyone about my network marketing opportunity because I am not looking for folks that tell me how much that they want to make money, I don’t want “everyone” in my business rather, I look for people that send me emails and give me phone calls about my other “lead in” opportunities. I look for those that take the initiative and actions that show me that they are committed to really getting the information they need to become successful.

Sometimes I will not answer my phones and just see who calls back. Seem a bit ridiculous? It may be, but I can tell you this. When I do offer up my opportunity to folks, I KNOW without a doubt that they will give their all. Not everyone signs up, no problem, but those that do will not make a simple decision to get involved with my company, but they will commit to building their business as well – and they do.

Are You Going After Your Dreams or Is Your Show On?

So what type of person are you? Have you made a decision to succeed or have you made a commitment to your success? There is a huge difference and not only how you look at things or are perceived by me, but a difference in your behavior. A little tip for you here, making a commitment means that you get off of the TV and free up your schedule from any other activities that are “time wasters” and use that time to free yourself from the chains of economic slavery.

So, have you made your decision today or have you made a commitment to your success?

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A Real Marketing System For the Average Person?

I’ve been on a mission. A mission to create a system that anyone, and I mean anyone, can use to start making money online. Today I sort of had an ah-ha moment and started tinkering around with the idea of setting up marketing tools on my training site that would allow people access to these tools to generate traffic and actually start making some money.

One of the best ideas I have come up with is to create an automatic video that will allow people an opportunity to start making money right away just by promoting the link for this particular video. You could post it straight to a hosting site like YouTube or you could post it on a blog – even a free blog – and send people to the video and to the blog.

If you are like me, you have several places to generate traffic from and you could post the video every as well. The bottom line is that people don’t have to have all that much knowledge or experience to start generating leads and even customers right away!

Maybe I’m just a little crazy, why don’t you check it out for yourself!


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