all in one profitsWhat is All in One Profits

If you are not familiar with the All in One Profits opportunity then you may want to take the time to learn about a suite of web tools that makes marketing just about every Internet business a breeze!

The All in One Profits system is a collection of online tools that will help you promote any online business for a very small monthly fee ($10 per month + $1.50 ) and when you refer others to this opportunity, you can generate an income as well.

The great thing about referring people to the All in One Profits program is that with just one referral, your monthly commitment is paid for!

All in One Profits Web Tools

When you join AIOP, you will have access to the following web tools:

  • Premium Web Hosting
  • Double opt-in Auto-responder
  • Splash page builder (unlimited capture page possibilities)
  • Tracking tool
  • Downline builder
  • Rotator
  • Text and Banner Advertising
  • eLibrary

These tools, priced separately, would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars for you to purchase. You have access for a ridiculously low price of $11.50 per month! ($10 per month + $1.50 processing fee)

All in One Profits Web Hosting

One of the best benefits of the basic membership with All in One Profits is that it comes with a premium hosting account so you can start promoting a personal blog or other website through the AIOP system. This alone could be worth the ten dollars a month a basic membership costs. You still have to purchase a domain name (I use, but you will be able to upload this domain name to your hosting account with the All in One Profits program.

The AIOP web hosting plan comes with a cPanel so setting up your WordPress blog is a breeze.

All in One Profits Splash Builder

Admittedly, one of my favorite tools in the All in One Profits suite of web tools is the Splash Builder.

This program allows members to build as many capture pages as they need for whatever business opportunity that they are promoting.

This one tool – attached with the AIOP auto-responder is well worth the monthly fee and is a great value. I have used the Splash Builder to build many high quality capture pages for many different business opportunities that I currently promote. I have even built a splash page for the free training program – Elite Marketing Systems Group – that I offer to those that join my programs and want to learn how to market their businesses online.

All in One Profits Auto-responder

Of course, to complete the whole capture page build one needs to have an auto-responder in place that will promote and even sell their products, services or opportunities online.

The All in One Profits auto-responder is a double opt-in auto-responder that is fully capable of sending personalized emails to your prospects email.

There are two options when composing the auto-responses, plain text or HTML messages. This flexibility will allow you to create email messages with links in them and custom graphics and text fonts and colors.

The AIOP auto-responder system can be attached to any of the splash/capture pages that you create and is very simple to use, so new marketers can get start creating their email campaigns right away.

For those that wish to promote the All in One Profits system as a stand alone opportunity, you can do this with a pre-loaded email campaign that you can insert your referral URL to with a click of a button.

AIOP Tracking Tool

Another tool that the All in One Profits system includes is a tracking tool that allows me to see exactly how many people are coming to my pages as well as other demographic information such as:

  • How many visitors I have in a 24 hour period
  • How many visitors I have had in a 7 day period
  • How many visitors I have had in a 30 day period
  • Total visitors to my site
  • Traffic location – What countries people are clicking from
  • Traffic sources

The All in One Profits tracking tool shows you more than enough information so you can adjust your campaign or ramp up your campaign and raise your traffic results to higher levels.

All in One Profits is an Awesome Value

When you look at all of the tools, the eLibrary, the software that basic members have and the hosting account that you have available to you at the low price of $10 bucks a month, it seems almost ridiculous not to get involved with the All in One Profits system.

all in one profits

I do know, however, that no matter how good a program is people aren’t going to drop everything and join your opportunity – I don’t care if it is the best program on the planet!

You still have to learn how to market your programs efficiently and effectively. You need the information, methods, techniques and strategies that will enable you to get the targeted traffic that you need. You will also need to learn how to take those targeted visitors and generate leads using the tools at your disposal.

The All in One Profits isn’t a fix all program, but with this suite of web tools that AIOP offers just about anyone can start promoting like a professional right from the beginning.


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